Sunday, May 27, 2012

Church Birthday

Today, I woke up early to take my friend to Adelaide Airport, we had our breakfast there and I've waited until she had her boarding inside the airplane. From the airport, I drove straight to church at  my nearby place. The church was full compare to other Sundays; I’d realized it’s the 60th birthday of St. Bernadette parish church seeing all the writing and beautiful decorations of the church altar.

The mass had started and it’s very lively with the cooperation and intermission of children or student of St. Bernadette Catholic School.  I also like the parish priest in this church, he is very good in sharing the gospel and today’s homily was about Holy Spirit.  It’s really amazing how it works in each of us and how it touches the life of all people. I’m spirit filled today, I hope I will live my life the fruits of the Holy Spirit and I may work hard to share it to others lives too.

It was a beautiful mass I’ve attended today and before it will end the priest thanks to everyone. And I guess after the mass he gives the staff a complimentary teacher flowers for the good service and teaching children at school.

Children Intermission dance

Blowing and slicing the cake for the church birthday


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