Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

Yesterday, I spoilt myself much in sleeping. I didn’t realize I was all day in bed and I think I've come back to sleep three times, I only woke up because I’m hungry.  What a lazy day for me, I wonder why I had some body aches now, it must be on different sleeping position I did hehe. I should better get a full length body pillows for comfortable and relaxing sleep. I hope someone will give that as present to me, it’s really a good body support pillow in sleeping,you can't feel any aches and pains when waking up, it’s something I need to think about and buy later.

Anyway, I think I woke up past 7pm last night at around 8pm I prepare myself  to watch the Battleship movie on cinema with my friend. I’ve enjoyed and liking the movie my day is not bad at all.


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