Monday, April 23, 2012

Beach Hopping

Today, I've reached at Sunshine Coast with the kindness of my Godmother by driving me over here. It's a beautiful day and we are always thankful to arrive safe in our long drive.

I've finally met my bestfriend and her family. This afternoon we went for a drive down the beach. Unfortunately I forgot the most important thing in travelling, my camera but my phone is a good substitute.  We took a few interesting and amazing view of the ocean and lovely scenery that surrounds the place. We did a long walk down the trail towards the beach' it's tiring but worth the fun and adventure of walking on the sedimentary rocks that naturally sits on the seashore.

After the trail, we go back and find a place to grab our dinner. We decided to get pizza and pasta. While waiting we had a short walk and a sticky beaky on the shops. Jens, the son of Era lead us on the shop of muscial instrument where he saw a guy playing Arturia Keyboards inside the shop. We had a quick look and listen to his music, after that we get our dinner and head back to the hotel.


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