Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back Pain

After work today, I can feel my back is very sore and becoming painful. I went home straight and rest but in a few minutes without any plan I drive to the massage shop and ask for a back shoulder massage.  I was not contented because it will take only 15 minutes, I just changed my mind for a whole body massage, and an hour is great. It’s not in my budget but well just to spoil and my body deserve to be treated for doing all the hard work. 
 I was relaxing and almost falling into sleep when the lady started talking to me. She was “asking this and that” which I’ve carried away with the conversation too. She's from Vietnam, the beautician and did most of the stuff in the field of business. It’s interesting to listen talking about health, especially the lipo30 reviews diet pill she tells about was so effective based on her personal experience. I thought she is just winning a customer by talking but with her good service and trying to give information and details to customer really a good way to win the comeback.
It’s a good day for me, lessen my back ache and almost gone. I really good to always gain and learn new things from the people I’ve met or talk with.


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