Thursday, March 29, 2012

Worth Asking

I had an amazing day with my workmate today. We both had a day off today, I had a sudden thought of approaching her if she want to catch up for a movie or anything. In my mind, I was not expecting for a positive response or if she is keen to meet up.  It was great that she has nothing to do and just chillin’ on her house still with her personalized pajamas, as what she’d told me (hehe).

I was surprised when she says yes, it's really worth to try asking.  We agreed to see each other for the first time, I was so happy and excited to spend my day off with her. We’ve watched movie on her house, went to shop to get a perfume and a drive down the beach is beautiful.  I’ve enjoyed her company and I’m glad to meet her sister too, very friendly and comfortable to share a conversation.  I would love to catch up with them again on next day off or some time if we are available.


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