Sunday, March 4, 2012

Men hate shopping

Women loves shopping and men loves gadget or they're a handy man.  Like today, I told my hubby to visit the new shops nearby the house and he gives it a go without any word.  There are different shops in the building, a supermarket, chemist, hairdresser, travel agency, liquors and spirit, stationery, post office, department store and a few more to enumerate.  We’ve been to some shops and I'm surprise I don’t hear my hubby complains about shopping but in a few minutes when I told him to browse on woman’s section.

Husband:  says, shops should have benches somewhere sothat husband can wait while wife is shopping.(lol)

Me:   just follow me I won't be long inside 

Husband: says, I will quickly browse to the liquor shop when I'm back I'll wait you on the side of standing coat rack near the fitting room (lol) he found a bench chair.

And me who didn't spend much time on woman section of the department store, I go and get him in the liquor shop.  There we amuse ourselves of the different kinds of alcohol and my hubby found a different brand of ginger beer to try and his favorite amarula milk flavored alcohol which we both end up buying.

We had fun, enjoy and had a quick browse of most the shops in there. I really appreciate my hubby's patience especially in going to shops.


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