Friday, March 23, 2012

Cycle of life

It seems like March is not a good month for me.  I’m experiencing some unexpected happening in my life, a lot of changes, challenge and struggles on certain issues. Instead of enjoying the moments of happiness suddenly it’s the opposite that what  most individuals are experiencin "the up and downs". What a life but must keep on going. There is always a happy ending in the story.
I hope I’ll get through this, I need to divert myself to people or things that will make me happy and forget the stressful and dramas in life.  Hmm I need to start watching Korean series again to get over all of this, a travel or shopping is good too.  Or someone can give me like one of the stainless steel watches like this in the photo below. I’m just wishing to afford this, isn't it pretty? hehehe

I'm not really materialistic so I can ignore it. All I really need is loved of friends and family, happiness and contentment in life and no other else.
I hope my dear Lord will bless me and grant the desire of my heart, He only knows what it is and hope In time its all for me.


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