Monday, March 12, 2012

Changes and Upgrades

It’s been more than a month I have been blessed with some extra hour with my other job on the seafood shop.  It’s been a long day sometimes but I can’t complain as this opportunity doesn’t come as often as it was. It makes me busy as well and don’t notice the hour runs quicker and another day is again over.

Every other shift I had in the shop I notice there are some changes and upgrades like the POS systems on the register were all new. I don’t know how to use yet as they can’t be bother to teach me maybe because I don’t work everyday, so my concentration is just behind the counter serving customer. Good for me I will not run around from one place to another if no one attends the register.hehe

Last week there are new weighing scales that were replaced to the old broken ones.  It’s new, different and it was designed to hang in the ceiling, a bit unusual to operate. A bit funny because they're teasing me if I can reach the scales buttons or do I need steps to reach the hanging scales. It's good its reachable for me.

I’m glad to know the business is doing well and expanding another shop and what a coincidence its walking distances only to my house


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