Monday, March 12, 2012

Bonus points

Yesterday, I woke up and ring my friend what’s her plan for the day.  She just finish cooking her lunch and while chatting she invite me to come over to join lunch with her. Because the house is just 3 minutes drive, I hurriedly come over to her house, hehe It was a good feed and I’m very thankful for her kindness to me.

In the afternoon I remember it’s the last day to claim my bonus point on retail shop.  I really don’t have plan to buy anything but because I’m collecting the points for some reason I force myself to buy.  Usually if I don’t have any idea of what to buy I just grab something which is really necessary for the household and while was browsing I saw this cute and funny t shirts so I buy too just to add up and to accumulate the amount of purchase required on claiming points.  

I had my fun and  my day was full of joy if I went shopping.


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