Thursday, March 29, 2012

Worth Asking

I had an amazing day with my workmate today. We both had a day off today, I had a sudden thought of approaching her if she want to catch up for a movie or anything. In my mind, I was not expecting for a positive response or if she is keen to meet up.  It was great that she has nothing to do and just chillin’ on her house still with her personalized pajamas, as what she’d told me (hehe).

I was surprised when she says yes, it's really worth to try asking.  We agreed to see each other for the first time, I was so happy and excited to spend my day off with her. We’ve watched movie on her house, went to shop to get a perfume and a drive down the beach is beautiful.  I’ve enjoyed her company and I’m glad to meet her sister too, very friendly and comfortable to share a conversation.  I would love to catch up with them again on next day off or some time if we are available.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Cycle of life

It seems like March is not a good month for me.  I’m experiencing some unexpected happening in my life, a lot of changes, challenge and struggles on certain issues. Instead of enjoying the moments of happiness suddenly it’s the opposite that what  most individuals are experiencin "the up and downs". What a life but must keep on going. There is always a happy ending in the story.
I hope I’ll get through this, I need to divert myself to people or things that will make me happy and forget the stressful and dramas in life.  Hmm I need to start watching Korean series again to get over all of this, a travel or shopping is good too.  Or someone can give me like one of the stainless steel watches like this in the photo below. I’m just wishing to afford this, isn't it pretty? hehehe

I'm not really materialistic so I can ignore it. All I really need is loved of friends and family, happiness and contentment in life and no other else.
I hope my dear Lord will bless me and grant the desire of my heart, He only knows what it is and hope In time its all for me.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bonus points

Yesterday, I woke up and ring my friend what’s her plan for the day.  She just finish cooking her lunch and while chatting she invite me to come over to join lunch with her. Because the house is just 3 minutes drive, I hurriedly come over to her house, hehe It was a good feed and I’m very thankful for her kindness to me.

In the afternoon I remember it’s the last day to claim my bonus point on retail shop.  I really don’t have plan to buy anything but because I’m collecting the points for some reason I force myself to buy.  Usually if I don’t have any idea of what to buy I just grab something which is really necessary for the household and while was browsing I saw this cute and funny t shirts so I buy too just to add up and to accumulate the amount of purchase required on claiming points.  

I had my fun and  my day was full of joy if I went shopping.

Changes and Upgrades

It’s been more than a month I have been blessed with some extra hour with my other job on the seafood shop.  It’s been a long day sometimes but I can’t complain as this opportunity doesn’t come as often as it was. It makes me busy as well and don’t notice the hour runs quicker and another day is again over.

Every other shift I had in the shop I notice there are some changes and upgrades like the POS systems on the register were all new. I don’t know how to use yet as they can’t be bother to teach me maybe because I don’t work everyday, so my concentration is just behind the counter serving customer. Good for me I will not run around from one place to another if no one attends the register.hehe

Last week there are new weighing scales that were replaced to the old broken ones.  It’s new, different and it was designed to hang in the ceiling, a bit unusual to operate. A bit funny because they're teasing me if I can reach the scales buttons or do I need steps to reach the hanging scales. It's good its reachable for me.

I’m glad to know the business is doing well and expanding another shop and what a coincidence its walking distances only to my house

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Men hate shopping

Women loves shopping and men loves gadget or they're a handy man.  Like today, I told my hubby to visit the new shops nearby the house and he gives it a go without any word.  There are different shops in the building, a supermarket, chemist, hairdresser, travel agency, liquors and spirit, stationery, post office, department store and a few more to enumerate.  We’ve been to some shops and I'm surprise I don’t hear my hubby complains about shopping but in a few minutes when I told him to browse on woman’s section.

Husband:  says, shops should have benches somewhere sothat husband can wait while wife is shopping.(lol)

Me:   just follow me I won't be long inside 

Husband: says, I will quickly browse to the liquor shop when I'm back I'll wait you on the side of standing coat rack near the fitting room (lol) he found a bench chair.

And me who didn't spend much time on woman section of the department store, I go and get him in the liquor shop.  There we amuse ourselves of the different kinds of alcohol and my hubby found a different brand of ginger beer to try and his favorite amarula milk flavored alcohol which we both end up buying.

We had fun, enjoy and had a quick browse of most the shops in there. I really appreciate my hubby's patience especially in going to shops.
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