Thursday, January 5, 2012


It’s been a month or two I haven’t catch up with my mother-in-law due to my busy and long hours shift at work. It's like I've missed her a bit for the period of time I haven’t seen her and heard her voice. 

During Christmas it’s our tradition of my hubby to celebrate at his mum’s house.  We celebrate the Christmas lunch there, it was a wonderful day to gather and catch up a good chat for the many days we haven't seen her. We had a beautiful lunch and as always I love the dessert she’d made for us.  While having a mixed conversation I did mention to MIL that my tooth filling was broken and I was not happy as it was done six months ago only. My MIL advice and recommend me to visit her dentist, telling me how amazing and great the Dentist Jobs that was done to her tooth and to every patient. It’s very inspiring and gives me motivation to change my dentist to her dentist, might do that.

Sometimes, it’s really nice to have a great interaction and to share thoughts and opinion to someone, you might not follow them but it’s nice to listen and learn from everyone’s experience.

Anyway we had a fantastic lunch, we’ve got a bbq grill cover and more chocolates from in-laws, and of course being with the family to celebrate the birth of Jesus was the spirit of the day.


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