Monday, January 2, 2012

NZ hotels for rugby games in Wellington and Christchurch

It’s New Year, a new life, a new beginning and a new start to plan what to do for a better life.  Do you have a new plan in the New Year? Maybe not yet or our minds are still occupy from the busy life before the new year.  But me I’ve already had a plan, how and when to spend my next holiday for the year. I won't tell you yet, surprise!!

But hey, I have a friend and their family who loves rugby sports, they might go to New Zealand which is not too far her in Australia. They're going to watch the rugby union games live from the arena, I’ve heard from him there is a cheaper New Zealand Hotels and accommodation for fans, that’s a great idea and an easy find where hotel to stay around Wellington and Christchurch. I can now imagine how fun would it and a nice short holiday treat for his family. Hope they will really make it this year.

I’ve seen a few photos and heard it’s a beautiful place from my friends who had their visit a ages ago. I haven’t seen a live sports game on arena like rugby, football and others, I wouldn’t mind to watch it live one day. It would be fun and exciting.


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