Sunday, January 22, 2012

Health is Wealth

It’s like two weeks ago that I'm worried about my health, especially with my skin irritation and allergic reaction.  Last week, I call sick at work because I’m not feeling well both my ears has a swollen red lump. I was wondering what it was because it’s very unusual lump to grow there, I can feel the aches and soreness.  I went to the doctor for check up what’s happening to my ear. I thought something is going on, lucky the doctor says it’s only a pimple and a gland due to my face irritation as well.  Hmmm sometimes I don’t really like going to the clinic for medical help and sometimes understanding about medical issues hehe.  It’s good nothing much serious , I can still feel a tiny bit of lump but the swelling and soreness were gone in a couple of days only by justtaking antibiotics.

Now, all is good. I hope I'll be in good condition and health wise always. There is  nothing I ask special but a good health, as the saying "Health is Wealth".


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