Thursday, January 12, 2012


My friend son’s were addicted in playing xbox games.  Sometimes if they get naughty and don’t want to be told off by their mother, she bribe them not to play or turn of the games.  If I visit their house I can also witness how good they play the game but sometimes the boys can’t read the instruction so they let me teach them what to do. But by just controlling the remote they were expert on it.

That’s why some days we have some freebies at work and all been put away on the staff room to be taken home.  I choose the xbox video games with me, not for me to play but to give to my friend sothat she won’t buy xbox games and save some dollars for in buying.

She was happy when I gave to her the xbox games together with caravan camping travel guide video for her husband reference when they travel in the country side.


Rohit Sareen said...

in our times we only played outdoor games and sports...

My Third Eye

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