Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Busy Life

Sometimes life can be so busy, especially those parents works full-time but still manage to take care the kids after work and the household chores. Hmmm, it's tough but that's life, it's how we make it and handle the situation.

Just like me, I had two jobs sometimes I don't have much hours but when occasion comes like Easter and Christmas I'm so exhausted. My schedule was so hectic, sometimes most days I've done 12 hours, long day at work. Hubby and I sometimes just buy takeaway food for dinner, if I'll cook at home, I can't be bother to wash the dishes hehehe, tired and lazy lol.  It takes 3-4 days sometimes that I can't wash dishes so the plates and cutlery are building up, one day we maybe need to buy bosch dishwashers for convenience that sounds good to me. 

Anyway even life is a bit harder sometimes I'm still lucky for all the blessings and  great opportunities that comes in the moment which I badly needed them. That's why live life to the fullest, don't complain, everything will be alright.


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