Friday, December 14, 2012


Last two nights ago due to super hot weather, my hubby think of pumping the airbed and says we may possibly sleep on the lounge as he can’t bear the hotness and he may have difficulty to fall asleep. We only have ceiling fan on the bedroom which can’t keep us cool and the air condition is on the lounge so we had decided to sleep there.

 Having an airbed is so useful, only portable to carry and no hassle to put away anywhere just like med carts   it’s also movable and transferrable to any place but I think can only be used within the medical centre.
The airbed was just kept for so long and was not used since we bought it a few years ago. When summer comes and of course there is a day that it’s really stinking hot, I always convince my hubby to pump the airbed but he can’t be bothered at all. I don’t know what makes him do it this year that really surprised me when he suddenly mentioned to me that "we might be sleeping on the lounge". I felt like we are on a camping on the first night we’ve slept. I felt so unusual but the good thing is I had a nice sleep because we are in the lounge area and I've enjoyed the coolness of A/C.  I’ve asked my hubby if he sleep well but he responded “only average”, at least he is comfortable and not sweating while asleep.



Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Reconcillation

Today was the unexpected moment of meeting up a friend at Asian store.  As we know sometimes friends have misunderstanding and upsetting times and that's what happen to me and my good friend that I'm not expecting at all.  I didn't initiate the distance but it was her for some reason that it both benefits us for good.
It was 2:30pm as I've remembered, I decided to go to Asian store to send money knowing the dollar to peso rate suddenly increase today.  It's been a few months I don't go there or buy some filipino foods because it's out of my way and I don't send money there often because I've known a filipino near my workplace who is an Agent of Forex, but unfortunately she was on holiday. It's been a few months since the friendship has made a gap or no communication at all but Adelaide is only small city and I know one day our path will cross. Today was a big surprise to me and to her most especially. I totally didn't recognize her because she was facing back, I'm clueless and not recognize that it was her in the counter where I needed to be because she had tanned skin color. When she look back at me as maybe curious who is approaching beside her that's the moment that I was shocked and can't believe when suddenly it's my friends face in front of me and her as well same feelings I guess, an awkward feeling to both, she even don't know what to do or what to react, but me because I don't have any negative or hurt feelings against her I just greet her and suddenly ask straight away if she's upset and why she act like that way, that's my behavior I'd showed to her when we really close to each other because for me nothing change and I don't hate her for ignoring me after all.  It's good she responded very well with a good manner and everythings is ok after we sit down to have a coffee.  Nothing change the way we talk and we hear each other side of story and I respect her. We really amazed the coincidence in time and can't believe the unexpected event of meeting today.
Time heals and still friendship is back but maybe not that very, very close as before and no maintainance to do as friends. I understand as we both have our own lives to live and a family to look after as our priority. I'm just happy that it's not end of the year, we both unexpectedly meet each other, maybe Christmas is time for forgiving and loving and maybe God allows this to happen sothat we have peace of mind and there is explanation to hear on both sides, as what she is saying as well and it's good to hear she don't hold grudges against me.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Two years ago

Two year ago, a friend of mine encourages me to blog online, she sent me some links of how to build web sites   and create my own domain name.  Of course, without much knowledge about blogging especially writing in my own word, ideas and experience in life, it makes me unmotivated to continue. But then as I was reading and following her blog site and the seeing lovely photos, makes me change my mind and keep up what I’ve started.  I’ve read a lot of things about the blog world and how to step by step follow the instruction of how to post, write blog of my own and a lot of things that bloggers need to learn. I’ve made it and was inspired by other bloggers, I became interested in photography, I learn to love and admire the beauty of nature by just taking photos of anything I find interesting and unusual.

Everyday, I’ve joined and participates the photo meme’s, where all bloggers around the world gathered and post their amazing photos with different subjects, that’s my best experience ever as being activate on the blogging world, but the downside is when I’ve got two jobs, I was so busy that I hardly build up my sites. 
Now, from time to time only I still update but not like before, I really wish I can maintain again even just weekly but I need to commit myself on that and I can’t promise now, maybe later on when I' organize my schedule. I hope some bloggers don’t forget me yet, how I’ve missed those busy times of mine when my week is not occupy by work. I only focus on blogging and go out doing some photography is one of the great relaxation.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Unannounced visit

I came home last night from late night shopping and notice the car of my hubby's friend in front of the house. In my mind just saying "he was here again this late"  knowing his friend coming at home without notice or no appointment to visit which is ok to me but sometimes can be annoying if we have our own plans on that night. They were on the backyard chatting and fiddling with something, I guess playing with gadgets or electronic toys as always.  I put away my stuff and join their company for a short time, my hubby's friend has a new phone and as well show to us his new headphone from excellent american audio at Musicians friend store if I'm not wrong or it's just similar image maybe.  It's really cool and had fantastic quality of sound when I've tried to listen the music from his phone.
Anyway, after the short moment being with the boys and getting bored listening all about gadgets and electronics, hehe.  I went inside the house and watch my pinoy series online. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Road works in our street

It’s been a month since there is road works in our street, sometimes it’s a bit inconvenient and annoying that you need to detour somewhere on the other block but if I think of the positive result when the road is finish I became patient and understanding about the hassle it has caused to the car drivers.
Lucky I had a morning shift at work most of the week, so I can’t hear the drilling and noises of the equipment when it's operating. Today is my day off, I woke up hearing some noises and from our window I’ve seen a couple of man wearing Carhartt flame resistant jacket, they must be the road workers. Until I realize they’re already working on the street in front of our house, seeing the trucks and some equipments.
It would be great when the road works end very soon and would love to drive on the new, smooth and wide street later on.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I was doing something online and was side tracked to browsing an online shop.  I didn't realize that it was on gadget and technical stuff they were selling.  I was looking into a photo which I can't figure out what it was, it says a firewire or a  splendid presonus firestudio hehe, I literally understand it was for fire as in burning fire/firestation (lol), as I was reading it was about  audio device or an upgrade to computer.

If it makes me confuse, I just read what the product description and if I don't fully understand I always ask my hubby's help and explanation especially if it's about technical concern or computer issues. Sometimes, it's good to know and learn some stuff, I think it's not bad to ask someone for help and understanding not only to know what kind of gadgets or technical matter or  any product that we don't know but about different things and situation that we may encounter in our lives.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Faulty Battery

My laptop has a battery problem and it always over heat, I don't know how it became like this.  Even the hard disk was affected or I guess a coincidence that it also trying to slow down.  My hubby already fixes it and change a new one that has a speed up xp program that runs faster compare to the old one. 
I really need to replace the battery sooner or one day get a new laptop.  The laptop is still working with the battery charged all the time.  If it's not charge, the laptop is not working or shutdown automatically. I don't really have much knowledge or expertise on technical problem that's why it's hard for me to figure out the error. So now, I don't really know how long is the lifetime of the battery until it's totally dead.
The lesson I've learned is that I won't always charge the battery when it's not really empty, maybe it's one cause why it's having trouble.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sleep tight

Last night, I was doing blogging, reading about yoga exercise and was browsing the yoga accessories on shop manduka online, I don't how I bump about yoga stuff, as always maybe just browsing randomly of anything and that was it.
I know early evening last night, I had a bit of headache and had took a panadol as remedy for the pain.  Just I realize in the morning that I was unconsiously fall asleep when I notice that the laptop was on my bedside. It means I was that so tired to have fallen asleep without knowing I didn't put away the laptop. I even forgot what's the last thing I'm doing online, I like if it always happen that way, I don't need to command myself to go to sleep, instead my body and brain are both willing to rest without my consciousness.
Indeed, I'm happy to have a continous and long hours sleep last night. So thankful to God for restoring my body from tirediness and giving me a peaceful and good night sleep.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Yesterday while at work I felt something different, so bothered and not feeling well which I don’t think I can finish the rest of my shift for the day.  I ask permission to go home and I was allowed to go, it was good. 

When I came home I ate lots, after that I had a good nap which is satisfying and feels good.  I wish I’m not on my depressing mood in this stage.  The rest of the afternoon I spent myself on some house chores like cleaning the toilet, bathroom and jetted clawfoot tub  that we're not using in ages and sometimes dust are around when it was not cleaned. It was a great achievement thinking I'm not feeling well in the early hours.

At night I’ve watch the taken 2 movie and it was an excellent film.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Gold Class Accommodation

Showing on tv just now was Taken 1, one of the favourite movies my hubby and I had watched on blu-ray a few times.  Tonight we are still watching again and again even the advertisement is a bit disturbing,even we can play it again on blu-ray if we want to.  It’s just we are excited with the coming up of Taken 2 movie on cinema next week and suppose to be we have free tickets to watch on Wednesday.  But as I’ve told my hubby which seat we will reserve, he suddenly said we don’t need to watch on vmax, “I don’t like there” that was his comments, he is not picky isn’t he?(hehe) He just like the comfy accommodation of gold class since we first watch the Expendables 2 and he'd experienced how beautiful to watch there. He don’t mind paying as long as he feels comfortable and not so crowded especially it’s the first screening of the movie.  I don’t mind either as it’s really comfy to sit in the lounge chair with a table in between for a snack while watching and I like the romantic atmosphere of the theater house ‘as in romantic’? as if we were dating only hahahaha, gotta laugh on it.
Anyway, so instead we will watch on Wednesday, we will postpone and resume it on next next week to avail theTuesday Gold class accommodation which is a bit cheaper hehe, we're counting our budget for our entertainment hehe, so now instead of buying a rolling makeup case, Taken 2 movie on gold class accommodation is our priority.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

God Is Good

This year has been many ups and downs in my life but no matter what I’m so thankful for all the blessings and challenges that I’ve encountered as the days gone by. God is good all the time,  He never forsake me but strengthen and enlighten my mind and heart especially when I’m almost going to give up.  He always , listen to my prayers, watching, guiding my path and create solution to my problem. Which is now I became tough, strong, understanding, mature, happy and independent to face and experience the challenges, achievements and opportunities that comes my way.

Now, I’m contented on everything…I may not be granted on something I’m really wishing to have but instead of being sad, I just twist my feelings to positive mood and think there is a right time.  I’m just thanking and appreciating of what’s given for me now and will just patiently waiting for some surprises in the future.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ceremony and Celebration

Due to hectic schedule at work during day time in most of the week, I can only engage in social activities on night time.  Yesterday was my citizenship ceremony and it was a good timing that my ceremony to become an Australian citizen was held on the evening too, so no hassle to my working hours.

Tonight as given the chance to celebrate my accomplishment being a citizen of this country, I hope to share it  supposedly with family and friends but my family is apart and my hubby don’t have a big one. No very close friends either if there is one or two all are busy.  So we decided to both treat ourselves and experience for the first time to a gold class movie accommodation in the cinema.  We really like the romantic and comfortable atmosphere of the cinema settings and of course watching the movie that we like on big screen especially listening the noisy and loud sound effects of the movie is fantastic, it like allen & heath audio sounds.

We really had a beautiful night and I’m glad to experience the gold class movie session.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Swollen Face

Yesterday was not a very good day for me, unexpectedly I was attacked by the worst allergy feeling I haven’t felt for a year or two.  If allergy triggers on my body sometimes it’s only tiny spots on my neck but yesterday at my workplace, I can feel some heat and itchiness on my body.  I knew and I can feel it’s already swollen so I rush  to the toilet and check. Waaah by looking at the mirror, my face and neck were all swollen  red.  Isn’t a good thing, I look like a smashed meat all red and swollen (lol).  I’m not happy, I became weak because of super itchy feeling. It’s good our manager gave me a strong anti-histamine pill and it really helps and the best remedy ever I guess the itchiness was disappeared like 15 mins only. I feel like going home that time but I thought 2 hours more to go and I’m finish so I put up with the weak feeling for not too long.

I went to bed early that evening, I was tired and weak, also feel a tiny bit of back ache maybe I was not used of lifting heavy always, it would be nice if I have a back braces support to help aches and pains. I woke up in the morning and all back to normal I had a long and peaceful sleep from last night.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rainy Day on Thursday

Today, I went for my car service appointment in the morning, suppose it was still cozy to stay in bed but I need to wake up and do the thing that needs to be done. I’m the first client and it’s good to be look after first.  I don’t know how long it may take and it depends on the car condition, but lucky all were fine, only one thing they’re not able to do was the car wash.  I don’t know what happen but they just give me complimentary car wash voucher and I’ll come back next time, it’s raining as well so I don’t mind if it was not done today.

After my appointment, I went to the shop to buy a wrestling mat tape to use and wrap around the box that I slowly fill with presents when I’m going for a holiday.  Also after doing those stuff I don’t feel like going home, I was thinking to go somewhere like window shopping to avoid myself from boredom and worrying when I’m home alone. Sometimes if I don't make myself busy, I tend to think weird (like crazy lol) and issues that I don't need to worry about (a deep thinker) So there, I sms my friend who is working in the city and lucky she was there and just on time to finish her work when I’m coming.  We ate lunch together and treat ourselves on shopping.yaaaay

I had a lovely day, it’s raining but we’d enjoyed walking while hopping from one shop to another.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Car Talk

While waiting for the dinner to be served on Asian restaurant this evening, my hubby was peacefully reading and flicking the car magazine.  He then start talking that next weekend he will do the service and maintenance of his car.  He knew a little bit about mechanical issue so he doesn’t need to take the car to the auto shop for a service instead he can do it on his own.  That’s the advantage if you knew some things about car coz you can save few hundreds a year for the car service charges, besides guys like that kind of works.

His car needs some bits of maintenance and upgrades, the leather seat cover is fading so he was planning to get a new car fabric seat cover only or if he wants it remain leather, it's better to have a new one or if leather dyeing will cost cheaper it would be a fantastic remedy. It needs replacement of brake pads, change oil and engine tune-up. Sometimes I’m learning a little bit just by listening to him especially on car parts.hehe

Anyway, we had a yummy dinner, I was very full and feel sleepy after eating(lol).  But after dinner we had a quick spin and test drive his new Mini cooper company car around the city and from city a short drive up hill through the winding road of the windy point road was a good fun for the night.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Guitar Man

Is there anyone of you or your family member or friend that is a musician/ a guitar man? I mean, the one who knows how to play a guitar, that's one of the talent I've wished before but I was not granted, I don't have patience in lesson and my fingers are too short and can't press the string harder.(lol)So I gave up. Well if your the gifted person or if your the person who is looking to buy a guitar or like to give it as a present to your loveones? I can best recommend VHT Special 6 guitar center I bet you will find a good quality, stylish design and hot deals in price here, don’t miss out to visit and check the different kinds and brands of guitars and other electronic accessories, just click here.

Watch Her

I have a girl friend who sometimes can be an impulse buyer. I can say that she admits it coz even she told me that. Also knowing her when we went out and I’ve experienced the day or other time we've caught up, instead of eating time only, we will include the shopping in the itinerary.hehe She likes to collect watches, the last time we've met for lunch, we browsed in jewellery shop and there she was tempted to buy a new watch again. That’s why when I thought of a present to give her on Christmas a couple years ago, I’ve given her a watch box. I think it’s already full of her watches collection. 

It was her birthday last Saturday, I reckon if I only can afford to give her bulova watch she can have it, but nooo…I'm just a poor person, I’ll leave it to her husband pocket hehe. I can only give a small token,it came from the heart and it's the thought that counts. I haven’t give to her yet but I hope she will like it, and I guess she will.

Friday, August 3, 2012

The presence of alcohol

Last Saturday, I’ve attended a birthday gathering of my colleague at Hilton Hotel.  It’s a great pleasure to be part of the group and happy to see most of the mates were present. It's a good acquintance party and it's more lively with the presence of alcohol, the night is not complete with out it, hehe. Before I’ve used to drink moscato but I had switched on sunrise vodka, I like the taste and it's a nice drink for ladies.  While walking in the bar section, we saw this fancy look beer tower or a cocktail tower because we knew it’s not a beer inside hehe.  It looks like the beer tower I've seen at restaurant equipment at, it would be nice to have one at home, a good toy especially it's good to use if there is a home base party, the easy and convenient way to refill the alcohol. Hmmm you may think I'm alcoholic? I'm really not, I can drink moderately.

Anyway, our night was fun and we had a great time with everyone, even tried to play billiard but I’m not very good on it.  I hope there would be another celebrant at work soon sothat we can again gather altogether.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ready to fly

It was couple months ago since I've decided to go for a New years holiday in the Philippines.  I'd had my leave request approved straight away and  a month ago my husband's request was still left unheard due to decision making if he will be allowed or not as they have restriction to have a holiday especially on Christmas week working on retail business. I start to become impatient knowing that the fare of ticket keep on increasing every now and then. And I don't like to wait that long if I know in the end that it was disapproved, because we also have doubts about the outcome of the decision.

It was only yesterday when my hubby's annual leave was approved, the most awaiting news I'm looking forward sothat I can book and buy a ticket in advance.  Thanks God, he heard my prayers that we will be all complete to get together on our holiday with all my family for many years have passed. I was so happy that all goes very well according to plan and I can't wait to celebrate the occasion with family, relatives and friends.

It's far enough to think of Christmas but for me it feels like it's getting so near. I'm ready to fly and be with all of them.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blurry Eyes

I’d just finished ironing my work uniforms and I had noticed that the colour starts fading like looking old due to wear and tear or maybe my eyes are a bit blurry tonight.  Now, another expense to add up if I need to get a new one hehe, hmm I think it will last for a while. Is there anyone can give me a discount uniforms for sale out there (hahaha) I’m just making fun of myself, I think I need to go to the shop of haggle haggle.  I’m just paranoid at the moment with a lot of things that is going on. My uniform is still ok when I've checked it on the bright light and they don’t look very old yet.  All is good will last for many years.(lol)

A life without Internet

Hmmmm, two days ago while I was on my day off and didn’t do much at all. I was imagining what I’m going to do aside from browsing and watching series online.  I was thinking what if the power shut down or internet was not invented what will I do? I’m not fond of reading books as it takes ages for me to finish, maybe if there are free audio books I won’t mind (hehe).

I then begin to recall what I’ve done before when internet was not created yet.    Way back home, on most of my spare time, I like to play volleyball as well as table tennis too, that's during my highschool times. Sometimes if I want to stay home I just do cross stitching, I get hooked up with it and stay late at night.  Also going out with friends for movie and watching live bands was fun, and the best thing is you can chitchat with your neighbours anytime you like, very convenient so I can see life there is more active, I think.
Now, my life in Adelaide is just simple, sometimes can be a little bit boring and home sick feeling because I’m away from my family and close friends that I grow up with. Here, I was lucky and grateful to meet a couple of fun and real friends that sometimes I’ve caught up on some occasions.
 And what is important is I can manage myself to adjust and divert my boredom into something worthwhile, interesting and engaged to activities that I will enjoy and make my life happy.  

May I ask you, what you do before when internet was not created?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Well done and keep it up

It’s unusual for me to see my hubby doing house chores especially in cleaning.  As we know that man always need to be told when it comes to household chores or some can't be bothered on helping. Am I right or wrong? How's your man in the house?

If I’m able to do everything I don’t really want him to do chores, he will be spoiled on that and I bet your man too.  But if I’m not able and not well enough to do things or  if it’s his day off and I’m working, I give him home work to do "this and that inside the house". Division of house chores is well practice here. It’s good his doing well on chores and sometimes he can clean better than what I did.

When I came home last night, I saw him cleaning the kitchen mess and gas stove dirt without my command is different, my tirediness from long day at work seems like fading away with his gestures. I was surprised and I can feel the love from him if he does it with his own will, I guess because he knows I have a long day at work and not feeling better when I woke up in that morning but still went to work.   I love his thoughtfulness and concern, its better than spending all his spare time on the shed fiddling with saw blade sharpening or any other manly tools he can play with. 
I wish he will think like this everytime, i will be always proud of him, well done, keep it up hubby.

Waiting and Counting

It’s still a few months after the day will come when I’m going to spend maybe Christmas or to be sure a New Years day with my whole family.  I can’t stop thinking about it each day since I’ve decided to finalise my holiday plan. It’s been 5 years since my parents; brothers and sister haven’t reunited all together on this big family celebration.  How I’ve missed those years when we were all complete and had lots of fun moments.
This year must be a wonderful moment and experience, I’m now looking forward how my parents will feel when this day come. I want to see them happy, also on my side will be the best feeling, I will now feel the spirit and magic of this season I haven't had for so long.  It’s early to talk about Christmas but I’m so excited to celebrate with my family and seeing white christmas lights with white wire   and beautiful Chrsitmas tree decoration everywhere. I'd love to show and let my husband experience how to play fire crackers and being with my whole relatives and friends would be fantastic for us.

I can't wait for this day to come.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Christening my Helmet

Last week was my birthday but a few days before hubby took me somewhere, it’s on motor shop.  I was surprised when he bought me a bike helmet, like Arai XD4 type.  It’s been ages since I want one sothat I can go with him when he’s riding the scooter.  But that day, I’m very clueless he already wants me to have a ride by my own on his scooter, so happy I am when he permits me to ride. 

Today, after I had finished work, he is waiting in the front of the house with my helmet ready to be worn by me.  I was tired but I can’t ruin his excitement to drive me around the block and after me testing to drive alone.  It’s fun, I felt like I’m just in my homeland riding on scooter.  For the first time in a few years I haven’t ridden his scooter and I don’t know how it feels like.  But today I’ve christened my helmet by riding the scooter.  It has made my day and I bet I’ll be doing it every now and then or often if I’ll get used of it.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Together Again

Yaaay finally I was granted the permission to have a holiday. It won’t happen soon but later on.  I was just thinking to be the first one to ask before everyone was planning to go for a holiday on the same month as I am. I’m happy I’ve got the holiday season I really wanted, I’m so excited and looking forward to it. I hope my sister’s vacation will be approved on the same date as mine. If not, we will make an alternate plan in regards to her work issues, if she will renew the contract or we could plan or think that she might stay in our home town. If like that we could inquire the food cart for sale business to put up or she will help the small family business we have. We’ll see how things will go later on.
I just really like that this 2012 Christmas or new year we will all be together again for once in a long years with my parents, brothers and sister. I hope everything will flow according to our plan and we can gather together this end of the year.

Brighton Sunset

Today is a good day. I went to work in the morning and it’s good I’d finish in the mid-afternoon only.  I still have time to hang out for a few hours before the evening starts.  I went to Brighton beach to take the sunset photos, it’s been a month or two I haven’t been there and I’d noticed there were newly built houses in front of the beach, they’re beautiful and a nice location to live by especially it’s viewing the beautiful ocean. Also there are some developments on the foot path, it was expanded or I may say roadwork is ahead, not so disturbing on traffic because it’s weekend and there's no people working and no operation of jib crane along the way.

I’d parked somewhere that has a nice view of the sea and the jetty bridge. The sunset was all covered by nimbus clouds, it’s massive. I can't hardly see the sunset but only the sun rays behind the clouds. It was supposed a wonderful moment, until I pull out my camera and start taking photos.  I forgot the camera has low battery from the last time I’ve used, I just did 2 shots till the power was totally off ggrrrrrr…Lucky my phone was the rescuer, it’s also lowbatt (hehe) but still it does the job and was able to take some photos, until I’ve had enough photos I go back home to have to feed my little tummy.  It's now happy and now just relaxing.
Hope everyone had a great weekend and spend quality time with your family and friends.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Church Birthday

Today, I woke up early to take my friend to Adelaide Airport, we had our breakfast there and I've waited until she had her boarding inside the airplane. From the airport, I drove straight to church at  my nearby place. The church was full compare to other Sundays; I’d realized it’s the 60th birthday of St. Bernadette parish church seeing all the writing and beautiful decorations of the church altar.

The mass had started and it’s very lively with the cooperation and intermission of children or student of St. Bernadette Catholic School.  I also like the parish priest in this church, he is very good in sharing the gospel and today’s homily was about Holy Spirit.  It’s really amazing how it works in each of us and how it touches the life of all people. I’m spirit filled today, I hope I will live my life the fruits of the Holy Spirit and I may work hard to share it to others lives too.

It was a beautiful mass I’ve attended today and before it will end the priest thanks to everyone. And I guess after the mass he gives the staff a complimentary teacher flowers for the good service and teaching children at school.

Children Intermission dance

Blowing and slicing the cake for the church birthday

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Changes in my Life

It’s been a couple of months, the constant changes in my life, a challenging and exciting experience I may say. Though sometimes there are some dark pathways I’ve passed through, I know in the end there would be a brighter and clear path to my journey.
Life is very thrilling. It's testing our patience and personality in dealing every situation that you may encounter.  I’m on a challenge now and what I need is like a workholding to hold me tight in order not to fall down.  I’ve made it and I’m very strong to hold on when I’m almost falling.
Now thankful to God who look up on me and for the people around me who lighten up my day and put smile on my face.

Friday, May 4, 2012

One on One

I feel happy and so loved today.  I got a text message from my mom, who is worrying why I haven’t called them for just a month only.  She is not contented with my text messages maybe, hehe I think it’s a mother instinct sometimes, her heartbeat tells what their children’s where feeling and what situation they are for example.  I can really prove it because since I’m away from my parents or even I’m still on our country she is really a very thoughtful mom. I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence, every time I’m feeling blue or in bad situation or in trouble, suddenly that moment my mom appears her presence on text messages or a phone call. If she’s just present personally on my side especially if in my darkest day, it would feel very good to share a hug with her. “telling you’ll be alright dear” But I chose a life to be apart from them so I’ll put up with it.(sigh)

Anyway I’m getting emotional now (lol)  I ring my mom to make her not worry about me and so that she can hear my laughs and giggles on the phone as what we used to do everytime we are talking, even sometimes we talk some problems but always it end up to joking and laughing all the way. I had a one on one talk with her, regarding personal matter. I’ve told her I’m fine and moving forward to another challenges in my life. I’m strong, I’m a fighter and I can survive the life that is like a water fountain you won't notice the up and downs flows of water cycle.
I felt relieve and less burden that despite everything it’s only your mom makes you comfortable and at ease to talk with. Now I have my families prayer, my mom’s blessing to do what ever that makes me happy and the plan I may take in the future.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Here Comes the Rain

Today, before going home from work I make sure the rain had stopped. I’ve been driving on my way home not worrying about the distractions of rain in the road and flow of traffic is just normal.  But unexpectedly, I just got home and a second I’m parked in front the house suddenly the rain pours so heavy that it’s impossible for me to get out of the car. I still have a few meters walk to get inside the house passing through the backyard. I can see some paddle of water in the yard looking at the hydraulic hose floating like there is flood already.

I think I was inside the car for 20 minutesm just lucky to have mobile internet connection that entertains me while waiting the rain to slow down,  plus listening to my favourite songs playing randomly makes me comfortable and at ease even it’s a while waiting.

Stayed back

I’ve finished my work at 1pm today, it’s a bit early yet so I decided not to go home. I’ve stayed at the staff room to get along with the workmates that was on lunch break. I enjoy eating grapes that was shared to me by my workmate.  It’s delicious and I end up buying in the store before I went home. One topic was the up coming mother’s day celebration very soon.  Others were asking suggestions what would be the nice present to give or creative stuff to make for their mothers. They should look up on how to bake or order decorated cookies at Shari’s Berries website. I think it’s a good idea and they might find it interesting to do.
I had my fun spending my short time with work mates just exchanging random conversation, then I go home after the heavy rain had passed by.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Beach Hopping

Today, I've reached at Sunshine Coast with the kindness of my Godmother by driving me over here. It's a beautiful day and we are always thankful to arrive safe in our long drive.

I've finally met my bestfriend and her family. This afternoon we went for a drive down the beach. Unfortunately I forgot the most important thing in travelling, my camera but my phone is a good substitute.  We took a few interesting and amazing view of the ocean and lovely scenery that surrounds the place. We did a long walk down the trail towards the beach' it's tiring but worth the fun and adventure of walking on the sedimentary rocks that naturally sits on the seashore.

After the trail, we go back and find a place to grab our dinner. We decided to get pizza and pasta. While waiting we had a short walk and a sticky beaky on the shops. Jens, the son of Era lead us on the shop of muscial instrument where he saw a guy playing Arturia Keyboards inside the shop. We had a quick look and listen to his music, after that we get our dinner and head back to the hotel.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back Pain

After work today, I can feel my back is very sore and becoming painful. I went home straight and rest but in a few minutes without any plan I drive to the massage shop and ask for a back shoulder massage.  I was not contented because it will take only 15 minutes, I just changed my mind for a whole body massage, and an hour is great. It’s not in my budget but well just to spoil and my body deserve to be treated for doing all the hard work. 
 I was relaxing and almost falling into sleep when the lady started talking to me. She was “asking this and that” which I’ve carried away with the conversation too. She's from Vietnam, the beautician and did most of the stuff in the field of business. It’s interesting to listen talking about health, especially the lipo30 reviews diet pill she tells about was so effective based on her personal experience. I thought she is just winning a customer by talking but with her good service and trying to give information and details to customer really a good way to win the comeback.
It’s a good day for me, lessen my back ache and almost gone. I really good to always gain and learn new things from the people I’ve met or talk with.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

Yesterday, I spoilt myself much in sleeping. I didn’t realize I was all day in bed and I think I've come back to sleep three times, I only woke up because I’m hungry.  What a lazy day for me, I wonder why I had some body aches now, it must be on different sleeping position I did hehe. I should better get a full length body pillows for comfortable and relaxing sleep. I hope someone will give that as present to me, it’s really a good body support pillow in sleeping,you can't feel any aches and pains when waking up, it’s something I need to think about and buy later.

Anyway, I think I woke up past 7pm last night at around 8pm I prepare myself  to watch the Battleship movie on cinema with my friend. I’ve enjoyed and liking the movie my day is not bad at all.

The Circus

Last Easter holiday I really had a blast, I’ve spent most of my time outdoors with my friends.  On Good friday my friend and I had watched circus it’s pretty much for kids but because we had free ticket we also join the crowd.  It’s so much fun and it’s really entertaining the dogs, camel, horses’ exhibition and the lady wearing jodhpurs is really cute while guiding the horses and there are a few human exhbition and clowns. It's pity the audience are not allowed to take photo so we don't have any remembrance from the show.
It’s my first time to watch here in Adelaide so I really enjoyed it. I’m thankful to my friend who has invited me, if not with her I may not had the chance to watch it.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Worth Asking

I had an amazing day with my workmate today. We both had a day off today, I had a sudden thought of approaching her if she want to catch up for a movie or anything. In my mind, I was not expecting for a positive response or if she is keen to meet up.  It was great that she has nothing to do and just chillin’ on her house still with her personalized pajamas, as what she’d told me (hehe).

I was surprised when she says yes, it's really worth to try asking.  We agreed to see each other for the first time, I was so happy and excited to spend my day off with her. We’ve watched movie on her house, went to shop to get a perfume and a drive down the beach is beautiful.  I’ve enjoyed her company and I’m glad to meet her sister too, very friendly and comfortable to share a conversation.  I would love to catch up with them again on next day off or some time if we are available.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Cycle of life

It seems like March is not a good month for me.  I’m experiencing some unexpected happening in my life, a lot of changes, challenge and struggles on certain issues. Instead of enjoying the moments of happiness suddenly it’s the opposite that what  most individuals are experiencin "the up and downs". What a life but must keep on going. There is always a happy ending in the story.
I hope I’ll get through this, I need to divert myself to people or things that will make me happy and forget the stressful and dramas in life.  Hmm I need to start watching Korean series again to get over all of this, a travel or shopping is good too.  Or someone can give me like one of the stainless steel watches like this in the photo below. I’m just wishing to afford this, isn't it pretty? hehehe

I'm not really materialistic so I can ignore it. All I really need is loved of friends and family, happiness and contentment in life and no other else.
I hope my dear Lord will bless me and grant the desire of my heart, He only knows what it is and hope In time its all for me.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bonus points

Yesterday, I woke up and ring my friend what’s her plan for the day.  She just finish cooking her lunch and while chatting she invite me to come over to join lunch with her. Because the house is just 3 minutes drive, I hurriedly come over to her house, hehe It was a good feed and I’m very thankful for her kindness to me.

In the afternoon I remember it’s the last day to claim my bonus point on retail shop.  I really don’t have plan to buy anything but because I’m collecting the points for some reason I force myself to buy.  Usually if I don’t have any idea of what to buy I just grab something which is really necessary for the household and while was browsing I saw this cute and funny t shirts so I buy too just to add up and to accumulate the amount of purchase required on claiming points.  

I had my fun and  my day was full of joy if I went shopping.

Changes and Upgrades

It’s been more than a month I have been blessed with some extra hour with my other job on the seafood shop.  It’s been a long day sometimes but I can’t complain as this opportunity doesn’t come as often as it was. It makes me busy as well and don’t notice the hour runs quicker and another day is again over.

Every other shift I had in the shop I notice there are some changes and upgrades like the POS systems on the register were all new. I don’t know how to use yet as they can’t be bother to teach me maybe because I don’t work everyday, so my concentration is just behind the counter serving customer. Good for me I will not run around from one place to another if no one attends the register.hehe

Last week there are new weighing scales that were replaced to the old broken ones.  It’s new, different and it was designed to hang in the ceiling, a bit unusual to operate. A bit funny because they're teasing me if I can reach the scales buttons or do I need steps to reach the hanging scales. It's good its reachable for me.

I’m glad to know the business is doing well and expanding another shop and what a coincidence its walking distances only to my house

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Men hate shopping

Women loves shopping and men loves gadget or they're a handy man.  Like today, I told my hubby to visit the new shops nearby the house and he gives it a go without any word.  There are different shops in the building, a supermarket, chemist, hairdresser, travel agency, liquors and spirit, stationery, post office, department store and a few more to enumerate.  We’ve been to some shops and I'm surprise I don’t hear my hubby complains about shopping but in a few minutes when I told him to browse on woman’s section.

Husband:  says, shops should have benches somewhere sothat husband can wait while wife is shopping.(lol)

Me:   just follow me I won't be long inside 

Husband: says, I will quickly browse to the liquor shop when I'm back I'll wait you on the side of standing coat rack near the fitting room (lol) he found a bench chair.

And me who didn't spend much time on woman section of the department store, I go and get him in the liquor shop.  There we amuse ourselves of the different kinds of alcohol and my hubby found a different brand of ginger beer to try and his favorite amarula milk flavored alcohol which we both end up buying.

We had fun, enjoy and had a quick browse of most the shops in there. I really appreciate my hubby's patience especially in going to shops.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gold and Silver coins

When I was a kid, I remember many people like collecting gold or silver coins.  Like an old coins from other countries that I’ve seen before, the American eagle coins was very popular.  It’s a souvenir or a treasured gift given by an overseas relative or friend.  But I think some people still do that until now, if your one of them and looking for a collectibles and valuable coins you can easily buy silver coins at Golden Eagle

I had a few Australian octagon shape old silver coins that my mother-in-law gave to us to keep and treasure.  I forget where I put, hehe I will be in trouble if she’ll ask me one day.  I hope I don’t spend it as it shape like a 50c current silver coins here which really are but maybe it was century years ago.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Locked In

The photo was taken after I finish my work and get inside my car to drive going home. I had a glance on my side when I saw the cute little dog that was locked in alone inside the car.  The owner go to supermarket and left the dog alone. I hope he/she won't take long time to shop around and if he is in hurry it's better he'll use the self serve check out barcode scanners for quick shopping. It isn't good for the dog to stay in the car during a hot weather, hope the owner's back as soon as possible.

Please click the link of Camera Critters to view more photos and participants around the world

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gorgeous Isabella

Isabella, she is only more than 4 months old, so adorable and gorgeous baby of my hubby's friend. I had a catch up with her mum a couple weeks ago at the mall. She was with me in the pram for half an hour  I think wondering around the mall while her mum is on the hairdresser for a haircut. She was quiet and not crying while on my company that moment. I've enjoyed her cute smiles, yawning moment and giggles for a short while, love cuddling her.

Please visit and look at the challengers photo on Thursday Challenge

Traditional BBQ & Drink on OZ Day

What everyone is doing on Australia Day? I bet most are ready preparing a get together of traditional bbq and lots of drink party, kids must be excited to swim in the pool. Precautions to the parents please make sure there is safety pool fence if there is none keep an eye on your kids to avoid accidents.

I wish I can go to the bay with friends and swim but there is another activity to do in the afternoon for Australia day event too. I’ll just concentrate on that one and enjoy together with the crowd in the late afternoon until evening with live music and bands, fireworks and more entertainments.

I’m not citizen of Australia but happy to settle my life here. Next year might be turn to be a citizen and officially proclaim as one, can’t wait for that. Let’s have fun and enjoy the freedom in this country, 

Happy Australia Day again, cheers to everyone…

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Health is Wealth

It’s like two weeks ago that I'm worried about my health, especially with my skin irritation and allergic reaction.  Last week, I call sick at work because I’m not feeling well both my ears has a swollen red lump. I was wondering what it was because it’s very unusual lump to grow there, I can feel the aches and soreness.  I went to the doctor for check up what’s happening to my ear. I thought something is going on, lucky the doctor says it’s only a pimple and a gland due to my face irritation as well.  Hmmm sometimes I don’t really like going to the clinic for medical help and sometimes understanding about medical issues hehe.  It’s good nothing much serious , I can still feel a tiny bit of lump but the swelling and soreness were gone in a couple of days only by justtaking antibiotics.

Now, all is good. I hope I'll be in good condition and health wise always. There is  nothing I ask special but a good health, as the saying "Health is Wealth".

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Busy Life

Sometimes life can be so busy, especially those parents works full-time but still manage to take care the kids after work and the household chores. Hmmm, it's tough but that's life, it's how we make it and handle the situation.

Just like me, I had two jobs sometimes I don't have much hours but when occasion comes like Easter and Christmas I'm so exhausted. My schedule was so hectic, sometimes most days I've done 12 hours, long day at work. Hubby and I sometimes just buy takeaway food for dinner, if I'll cook at home, I can't be bother to wash the dishes hehehe, tired and lazy lol.  It takes 3-4 days sometimes that I can't wash dishes so the plates and cutlery are building up, one day we maybe need to buy bosch dishwashers for convenience that sounds good to me. 

Anyway even life is a bit harder sometimes I'm still lucky for all the blessings and  great opportunities that comes in the moment which I badly needed them. That's why live life to the fullest, don't complain, everything will be alright.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


My friend son’s were addicted in playing xbox games.  Sometimes if they get naughty and don’t want to be told off by their mother, she bribe them not to play or turn of the games.  If I visit their house I can also witness how good they play the game but sometimes the boys can’t read the instruction so they let me teach them what to do. But by just controlling the remote they were expert on it.

That’s why some days we have some freebies at work and all been put away on the staff room to be taken home.  I choose the xbox video games with me, not for me to play but to give to my friend sothat she won’t buy xbox games and save some dollars for in buying.

She was happy when I gave to her the xbox games together with caravan camping travel guide video for her husband reference when they travel in the country side.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


It’s been a month or two I haven’t catch up with my mother-in-law due to my busy and long hours shift at work. It's like I've missed her a bit for the period of time I haven’t seen her and heard her voice. 

During Christmas it’s our tradition of my hubby to celebrate at his mum’s house.  We celebrate the Christmas lunch there, it was a wonderful day to gather and catch up a good chat for the many days we haven't seen her. We had a beautiful lunch and as always I love the dessert she’d made for us.  While having a mixed conversation I did mention to MIL that my tooth filling was broken and I was not happy as it was done six months ago only. My MIL advice and recommend me to visit her dentist, telling me how amazing and great the Dentist Jobs that was done to her tooth and to every patient. It’s very inspiring and gives me motivation to change my dentist to her dentist, might do that.

Sometimes, it’s really nice to have a great interaction and to share thoughts and opinion to someone, you might not follow them but it’s nice to listen and learn from everyone’s experience.

Anyway we had a fantastic lunch, we’ve got a bbq grill cover and more chocolates from in-laws, and of course being with the family to celebrate the birth of Jesus was the spirit of the day.

Monday, January 2, 2012

NZ hotels for rugby games in Wellington and Christchurch

It’s New Year, a new life, a new beginning and a new start to plan what to do for a better life.  Do you have a new plan in the New Year? Maybe not yet or our minds are still occupy from the busy life before the new year.  But me I’ve already had a plan, how and when to spend my next holiday for the year. I won't tell you yet, surprise!!

But hey, I have a friend and their family who loves rugby sports, they might go to New Zealand which is not too far her in Australia. They're going to watch the rugby union games live from the arena, I’ve heard from him there is a cheaper New Zealand Hotels and accommodation for fans, that’s a great idea and an easy find where hotel to stay around Wellington and Christchurch. I can now imagine how fun would it and a nice short holiday treat for his family. Hope they will really make it this year.

I’ve seen a few photos and heard it’s a beautiful place from my friends who had their visit a ages ago. I haven’t seen a live sports game on arena like rugby, football and others, I wouldn’t mind to watch it live one day. It would be fun and exciting.

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