Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fairies in the Garden

A shop at the Handorf village which sells garden decorations, like a little fairy land to design in the garden.  Here are some photos I've took while wandering around the yard of the shop.

I like the art they've made on this tree, as you can see the photo it's very creative how they did the art, they just put a door windows and roof and it looks like a fairy house.
The dwarfs in the flower garden, I can't see snow white there lol
The close up photo of one dwarf I love it he is so cute

The red and white mushroom
It's the giant mushroom

This photos was just in the yard, the shop proper was in a small hut that has a lot of choices of stuff which you can design in the garden.


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Monday, August 22, 2011

For Ice cream lover only

What an inviting Ice cream shop signage at Handorf, I love ice cream but I don't want to climb at the rooftop just to eat. hehe I like this visual signage.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

I've got You

For how many months of savings, thinking and planning what possible car and day I can replace my old car and with the following small cars I keep on my eye like Toyata Yaris, Hyundai Getz, Susuki Swift, Holden Barina and Mazda 2. I was just committed last Saturday to finally get the Mazda 2 and  today was the lucky day I've got a new one. I even got the big discount car insurance recommended and processed by the dealer, I had really received a fantastic service from the business manager. I was blessed and lucky to save a few dollars on it.  

This photos was at Mazda showroom the moment my hubby and I going to pick up the car.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cheaper car insurance

This afternoon supposed to be the day to pick up the car, but we can’t make it as we both working the whole day.  So we decided to arrange the pick up tomorrow noon time, lucky my work start in the afternoon and hubby will just make an excuse to spare an hour for us to pick up.  How exciting it is to drive a new car, but I can't drive yet I think my hubby should be the one to drive first.  I still need to get car insurance before I drive myself as what hubby advice, he don't trust my driving skills hehe. I’m still comparing quotes at the moment to select the cheaper insurance.

I hope I can find the insurance company as soon as possible sothat I can drive the car. My current car insurance which I think the cheaper one to quote the Mazda 2 was now the expensive quote compare to others.

 Anyone knows who had a better deal of car insurance company here in Adelaide? 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Artistic Wine Bottle Holder

I saw a table with a full display of wine bottle holder along the random shop at Handorf, it's really unique and very creative design of  the holder. I really like it.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mazda 2 Neo

After work today, hubby and I went to Australian Motors Mazda to check the car I liked. It was the last day of special offer so I made my decision to get the Mazda 2 Neo car.  Although my budget is not for this car but I give it a go as I’ve got the best deal for original price of the car with the help of my husband brother who was a sales manager, it could be a relative discount I think.  It will be delivered in one week time as they will put some accessories which included in the special offer I only remember the Bluetooth installation and there are still some things they will top up to the car package deal.  I can’t wait and I'm excited for the car to be delivered, yaaayyy I’m gona miss my bubble sedan 121 mazda, but well he needs to rest for an overall 20 years service he has done to me and some old owners before.

Spirited Green Mazda 2 Neo, my fave color

A dining area for a complimentary coffee and wendy's hotdog sandwhich was offered while clients were being assessed and chat by sales consultant. Clients will love this kind of service, aren't we?

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

River Torrens, Adelaide

It's really been a long time since I don't go out purposely  just to do outdoor photo taking of some interesting and beautiful places here in Adelaide.  I really have missed it, if ever I had new photo its only taken from mobile shots hmm.  Today I browse again some photos from my old archive last 2006 and found this popular tourist spot in Adelaide, the River Torrens lake and recreation park. Have a quick look what you think of the place...

Since 2006 I was here, I haven't ride on this boat yet. The last time I visit here maybe a year ago, it's not summer though so there is not much people and the fountain is not operating.  

I would love to ride on those foot paddling boat.
During last visit here with  my hubby, we were walking on the other side of the park where some people fishing and having bbq, It was the side were I also found a few pelicans swimming.

Yaayy...I'm so naughty taking photos of some partners dating and relaxing in the park

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Monday, August 1, 2011


During our car hunting I saw this big bike hurley parking on the car yard area. Isn't it nice to ride?

Please click the image to enlarge the photo.
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