Saturday, April 9, 2011

Express Yourself

In my life there many ups and downs which is the natural way of living. But lately it seems unfair, all I’ve experienced were all downfall moments.  I feel so sad and frustrated how life is going on especially to my relationship.  It takes two to tango but only one wants to dance, how would it be possible to happen? If they both dances it’s not always on the rhythm, they still need to practice, learn and follow the right steps to make it perfect.

I have many questions which are not all been answered, if the answer is there it’s not straight to the point and a little bit doubtful. I don’t know how to decide things for good because it’s very hard for me, I need the other half of me to participate. It takes time that until now I’m still struggling what to do or not to make everything back to normal. Why is it like this? Why people agree to disagree? I know that where I am right now is only another challenging stage of my life. I know someone is there guiding and understanding how I’ve been through these days, I’m close enough to the solution or conclusion and I hope it’s the right thing to do. 

My Dear Lord, I’m thanking you for all the good things you’ve given me, I don’t need to enumerate them all as you knew them already.  Now, I’m so confused with my life or I don’t know if I, myself making it difficult, please help me, enlighten my heart and mind, lift my spirit to be stronger and make me ready to accept what possible things to happen later on. All this I offer to you and hope you lead our way to the right path. 
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