Monday, February 28, 2011

Husband Material

This photo was taken last weekend when he was taking off the clothes on the hanger.  He is useful sometimes (lol)when I work during Saturday he did all the washing of our clothes and even take them off the hanger, I always makes excuse I can't reach them hahaha.  It's just fair anyway because I'm the one doing the ironing and folding.  So when I saw him doing that, I take the cam and he said what are you doing? Don't you put my photo on your blog.hehehe I told him that's ok they will impress on you, some hubby don't do washing nor taking off the clothes, so I'm proud of you, your a husband material hahaha...he just laugh at me and suddenly pose a funny face in between the remaining clothes hanging. What I don't like when he took off all the clothes he don't return the pegs on the place but let them stay on the clothes hanger, but I ignore now as long as he is doing the job of washing and taking off the

My hubby wearing a strife shirt of blue and yellow for my MYM entry

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wildlife Exhibit

Last Sunday when we went to hardware shop on outdoor section there is a demonstration of wildlife animals like snake and owl. I saw the crowd of few kids and parent amusing themselves by touching and playing the snakes, it's harmless though. I join as well watching, even it's harmless  or not just seeing the snakes is alright but to touch it really scares me.  The kids always encouraging me to be brave like them, so I give it a go to touch as well to know what it feels like but when the guy come closer to me allowing me to touch, I told him don't come near me or I will run away hhehehe I was like a baby almost going to shout, in the end just wanting to have a photo touching the snake I forget the fear and I told my hubby to click the camera of his phone quickly.

Here are some photos of snake and owl:

Look out those kids they are enjoying and won't lea

The girl is so brave and love the feeling of snake on her body

 The guy is very tall I'm like a dwarf beside

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Chilli Plants

Yesterday, we went to Bunnings hardware store for hubby to have a look of some globe lights and some tools. It's a big store of everything that I feel a bit bored following my hubby browsing for manly stuff. I just get along with him thinking this is the feeling of my hubby when he patiently accompany me shopping in the mall of shoes, clothing and anything. We browse on outdoor aisle where there are some pergola, tents and backyard shades, even sitted on the outdoor swing and sway hot it feels like. There we found an exhibit and demonstration of wildlife animals like snake, owls, lizzards and frogs.

As we almost going out "my hubby said" let us visit the garden section to have a look plants and flowers. Sometimes it's good thing we have a lot of differences together but in some areas we have common like browsing on garden plants. I just saw this chilli plants and it's colorful and blooming chillis.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Good Week

It has been a good week for me, don’t feel much stress and a hassle free. I had met my friend the other day who used to be my neighbor who is now temporarily living at Canberra, she’ll spend a two weeks vacation in Adelaide and good time to catch up with her and her little girl. We had a lunch out and a bit of shopping.
It feels like a perfect week as well to finish my night shift work on time, a bit slow during the night and I'm to lucky finish all the things that needs to be done on time, so happy I hope it’s like that always.

And hey! a good rest and relaxing weekend as I don’t have work, I can catch up all the cleaning maybe if I won’t get lazy (lol)  or another meeting with a friend would be great again. Now what a lovely night half an hour ago I got home , a sweet act of my hubby he just made me a ham sandwich free delivery on bed while blogging because I told him I was tired. lol

Hope everyone will have a wonderful weekend.

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