Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Men's gift Idea

Christmas is over but new year is now couple days after.  What gifts you’ve got on Christmas? I bet you’d received a few, it’s feels good to receive but what's the best feeling is to give.  I don’t get much and I’m fine (huhu)well it’s just right because I don’t have many family around here, as long as I’m loved by my hubby and had lovely in-laws that is an important and the best gift to me. 

As I was so busy at my two jobs I'm still lucky to rush on the last hour to find some gifts, but haven’t found one for my hubby before Christmas. I sometimes don’t know what to give to him (lol), he knows even there is no occasion I always surprise him with something when I was out shopping.  So it’s not really a big deal, I was late to think of the mens office gifts idea which is suppose a good one because it’s something I can get as personalised gift for him. Oh well it might be in the New Year, I was planning to replace the beer mug which I bought him before but unfortunately was broken the other day because it fell on the floor.  These beer mugs in the photo is really the same as what he has, he don’t use it for beer but for his iced coffee milk drinking. I might order online for him, might not able to reach till new year though. he'll be fine.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sentimental Value

The other week I’ve remember a thing which my mother-in-law gave to us. It’s an antique silver coins, some were octagon and round shape, I forgot were I've  kept it. The other night I was searching for it but I can’t find  quickly, until I browse every stuff I’m  not using for so long on the spare bedroom and was lucky I’ve found it there.

Do you know why I’m looking for it? Is it because there is an online shop I’ve found that buy and sell silver rounds and other antique coins. I was curious if the silver coins my MIL gave to us have value. I can make money from it (lol) of course even it has value I won’t sell it. I’ll keep it forever because it has a sentimental value to me and my hubby especially it’s also came from her parents collections.

So now, I keep and hide it on a safe place were I can easily find it.

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