Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Well Motivated

I feel like I'm well motivated and inspired these days, especially to update my blogs.  It's  been a couple of months since I was not very active nor participating in daily photo memes. Of course there are some reason  for all of that, I become busy with my two jobs, I came home tired and sometimes my brain won't work and lazy to think on posting beside having 3 blogsite is very hard to maintain hehe and lastly I was on a month holiday around May-June. 

I've missed those days before I'd loved to post everyday, go out for photo taking feeling like I'm a professional photographer like most blogger here but I knew I'm not, hehe It's just a great feeling and inspiring hobby to blog as well as photo taking. I have grown to love nature and admire simple things around us. I remember sometimes I'm waiting the time when Mr. Linky is up sothat I'll be the first to submit my entry, it makes me laugh that sometimes it's almost midnight or I put an alarm to wake up lol, then my hubby will suddenly wake up and ask what I'm doing haha. That was my funny side,  I was lucky  to be the first sometimes, I feel happy at least it's a big effort of me. hehe

Now, I feel to keep doing this motivation behavior, I  hope I can continue updating, don't spend much time on facebook but instead in blogging to write about everything I've experienced in my life and share what's going on in the society, be active to participate on photo memes and be able to visit most bloggers around the world.



Mom Daughter Style said...

thanks sa paglike sa FB, liked you back as Ces O.


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