Thursday, November 17, 2011

Impulse Buying

These days my mind is busy thinking of many things, if I like to make things happen I really do it,  if it's just possible and affordable to our pocket. A couple of weeks ago I was busy with home improvements, decorating the house with floral arrangement, additional Christmas decor, displaying decorative candles, changing table cloth, old curtains to new ones that feels refreshing to the eyes and bright and light color for summer. 

The last week I like gardening, I have succulent plants that is growing so healthy and wider so I cut some of them to plant in a new pot. Hubby and I went to Bunnings to buy some pots, also we browse on garden signs and address plaques section, the signs were cute. I also found an indoor plants called Peace Lily so I bought two of them to decorate inside the house corner. Sometimes I can't control myself if I like something especially for the house.

I've spent some money this past months I think even it's not on the budget but still I'm happy with the outcome of the improvement in the house and the garden looks cheerful and happy. At least I'm not shopping much for myself now, it's all for the household. I was thinking maybe that's what my mind will think next, to shop for myself.hehe 


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