Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Entertainment Lounge

This photo was taken from a furniture and bedding shop when we are doing the canvas of entertainment lounge.  There are some inexpensive one that looks good only but the quality doesn't seem to be promising for a long duration.  My hubby really likes the recliners type of lounge that has a bottle holder and snack storage, it's really good quality, comfortable, relaxing  and very handy especially if we're watching movie at home. He likes it so much that he somehow wants to stay there and had a short nap. I told him to follow me to browse around on other stuff, but he won't stand up. I told him ok, pretend  your sleeping there and I'll take you photos hahaha. He is obedient always and he knows what I will do with the photo.

While browsing around I found some interesting furniture, like also lounges, tables with arrangements and others. On the other hand it's my hubby's turn to play with me when we were browsing around kids section. We saw this cute outdoor table and chairs with umbrella rack and told me it's cute, and want me to sit so he'll be the one to take photo of me, I suppose going to refuse but I thought infairness to him I just sit in the kids outdoor table. hehe I think we had fun browsing around and admiring the home decor designs.

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J Bar said...

A lot to choose from.

Arija said...

After all that browsing, did you settle on anything?

Romina said...

Arija, hehe it's only browsing for some selection and will buy in the future. That day we transfer to other shop to buy bbq grill.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

At least your browsing got you some photos for Ruby Tuesday!


Just a pinch of scarlet
To liven up the place;
Just a hint of ruby
Brushed upon your face;
Just a bit of cherry
Dancing round your toes;
Just some sanguine colors—
That’s the way it goes!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Autumn’s rubies here and here

magiceye said...

wonderful variety

Lina Gustina said...

Wow...lots of comfy stuffs :)


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