Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stop, Look and take a shot

Everytime I'm out somewhere and I saw a big bike on the road or on the street parking. I really like looking and stop for a moment to take a photo.  I really like big bikes, if only I can own one and ride myself I will do it, but I'm too small to be able to drive, I think I can't even reach the paddle (lol) my hubby wish to have one someday, if ever he has, I will just have a joyride. I like admiring big bikes only, there's nothing stopping me to admire right?hehe

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LV said...

In my opinion, they are better looked at than ridden. They can be very dangerous. Trust me stay off if you are small.

Romina said...

LV, it's really dangerous, the looks are deceiving but if your not expert to drive, it will cause harm anytime. Thanks for your thoughts

Dianne said...

the bike looks amazing with the sun making it shine :)

sublime wanderer said...

Visiting from MYM. I agree with LV, those bikes are fun to look at but dangerous. I love the yellow streaks on the design. Have a nice day! :)


Lily Riani said...

agree... i love them big cruising bike or super bike. gave the cool rugged notty feel.

Liza said...


Liz @ MLC

maria said...

Cool bikes! Happy RT.

Mine's here.

Rinkly Rimes said...

I once had a ride on a motorbike behind a rather charming young man. I've never forgotten it, In fact, I can't remember what colour the bike was!

I'm offering a good prize on my blog

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I've threatened to get a Harley for years. My spouse threatens to divorce me!


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No colors have I but yellow and red.

Please take what I give as tokens of peace:
And with these small gifts may your joy increase!

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Rajesh said...

Great shot.

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