Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Laser Pointer

Laser pointer photo, the only remembrance of my hubby

Laser pointer, it’s a low powered laser to play with, a present to my hubby from my relative when we have holiday in the Philippines. One of the favourite toys of my hubby whom he plays in the backyard on some nights.  The one that he really treasure and keep in a safe place, even sometimes I’m not allow to touch any of them if my hand is greasy or I may scratch them (lol) that’s how important and how he take care of his collection. 

One night he was fiddling with his car and needs a torch, he got it but with a low battery. He was searching for some spare battery but forgot he doesn’t have any left. Suddenly, he thought of the laser pointer battery, he went to his toys cabinet and can’t see the laser, he always remembers the proper place he keeps it but he can’t find. He even tries to search somewhere else inside the house, but he doubt if he finds because he don’t put it anywhere. He was not happy at all while telling me the bad news when I got home, I even help him searching but he insist it’s not there or somewhere. 

Only the two of us were living at home except for his two good friends that sometimes come around to visit, they watch video and hang around on computer room were his toys and gadgets were kept.  So he will suspect with? He doesn’t want to think any one of them stealing the laser as he really trusted them but he can’t figure out whoelse. Maybe one of them.

Lesson to Learn: “Don’t Trust Anyone except Yourself”


LV said...

Loved this story, but ylu left us hanging. Did he ever find it?

Romina said...

Ms. LV, hehe no he never find it, he even invited the on he strongly suspected hoping he might return it in place but not, he might like the toy as well.

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