Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cheaper car insurance

This afternoon supposed to be the day to pick up the car, but we can’t make it as we both working the whole day.  So we decided to arrange the pick up tomorrow noon time, lucky my work start in the afternoon and hubby will just make an excuse to spare an hour for us to pick up.  How exciting it is to drive a new car, but I can't drive yet I think my hubby should be the one to drive first.  I still need to get car insurance before I drive myself as what hubby advice, he don't trust my driving skills hehe. I’m still comparing quotes at the moment to select the cheaper insurance.

I hope I can find the insurance company as soon as possible sothat I can drive the car. My current car insurance which I think the cheaper one to quote the Mazda 2 was now the expensive quote compare to others.

 Anyone knows who had a better deal of car insurance company here in Adelaide? 


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