Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Helpful tips not to lose your provisional license

While preparing an online practice on Hazard Perception Test for a P2 licence, I came along to read some useful articles and rules apply to a Provisional Licence driver.  Today, I've learned a lot from reading most of the necessary and common mistake or restriction often a P plate driver does or I do sometimes. I know talking on the phone while driving is not allowed but I don't realized even hands free or bluetooth is just the same which I did once in a while, an honest mistake only. I'm lucky I don't get caught by a police in action, in just a second I'll lose my licence, fine and demerit points, I don't like it to happen of course.  By reading and watching this video helps me to be careful in driving so now I will avoid talking on phone even how important it is on a bluetooth as well as I won't forget my driver's license if I'm going out for a drive. Those are the common mistake I did recently, in the future or start tomorrow I'll do my best to fully follow the rules.

Here is a video for safe driving and avoid demerit points on your driver licence. I hope this will help on your driving safety and avoid keeping your licence at stake.


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