Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hazard Perception Test Practice Online for P2 license

At work during my lunch break in the kitchen room, there were a few staff members exchanging conversation  including myself. One staff member was sharing about how happy she was to become a full license driver.  It was the topic which reminds me of my present driver license status now. I’m still on P1 now for almost 2 years in my driving experience, I better need to take the test very soon for P2.  I took for granted of the chance last year when I become 1 year in my driving to get a license for P2 which has a minimum of 6 months then you become a full license if no demerit points. 

I knew and someone told me before that after a year of my P1 I should get a Hazard Perception Test (HPT) a computer driving skills test you need to take and pass in order to have a P2 license. But with  my laziness I almost forget about it, I regret for 10 months now how I've wasted the time of not getting the test. I just blame myself for not paying attention on little things but those are the things that matters sometimes. If I only take after a year while on P1 and pass the test of P2 I think I’m full license now. Being a full license driver has an advantage and has qualification on certain condition that a P plater can’t do while driving especially on alcohol. Or if a car has P plate sticker it was usually the target of police as most P plate driver were known and I've heard they always drive on maximum speed and get drunk which cause accident or even death. I had experienced it before even I don't drink I was pulled over by police as they were thinking I'm a drink driver but lucky I obey the rules.

Anyway, no more drama for me. After the conversation I've decided to get HPT for P2 license these Friday.  Today, after I had finished my work it was on my mind when I get home to do some research if there is an online practice for HPT, it will make easier to take the test if I know some tips.  I search on googles and I was brought to some helpful site ( which directs me to an online HPT practice, I was lucky to find online. I did practice a few times and it’s not too hard, I just hope and pray I’ll pass the actual test on Friday.

Goodluck in taking my P2 license....


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