Sunday, July 10, 2011

Depression attack

Have you ever experience a day when everything is alright as in a perfect moment to enjoy the day but you yourself can’t understand the feeling as if there is something wrong? That’s what happened to me this morning, I don’t know why. It’s like a depression attack to me again, I don’t want this kind of feeling. I suddenly feel sad and start to worry of something, negative thoughts is on my mind, not very good.  Please go away and don’t interfere on my peaceful mind. I  try to divert myself to something that will keep me busy and feel good.  I did iron some clothes while listening to music, it was a nice relief.  But you know sometimes trying to escape from worry or negative feeling the more I keep on thinking about it.

What’s going on with me? Hmmm it will only vanish very soon, I can handle it baby…I’m finished ironing and some cleaning inside the house.  I go out to look for hubby in the backyard, he was fiddling his car, I told him if he’s done with it we will go out for a short spin or eat somewhere. I even told him I was bored or feel sad which he sometimes notice I'm like that.  So we did go out for a short while, we buy something on electronic shop, window shopping and we ate our early dinner in the mall food court.  It’s a good relaxation and worry free having that short drive.

Now we’re backed home and were planning for an hour nap. Hopefully after waking up we will watch blu-ray movie in the evening.  


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