Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Car Hunting

Last Saturday, hubby and I went around on Adelaide car yard for a car hunting and looking for the comparison of different cars that was on my selection.  We’ve spent half day looking around and lucky my hubby was patiently there for me even though he wants to give up or say enough for the day.  But there he is, just following me wandering around the car yard.  I already have idea and I just keep in my mind what car I really like it’s just now I’m still giving time to decide because on one manufacturer they don’t have the color I like and the other one has color but it’s a bit expensive to what my budget can afford.  We’ve been to Mazda, Toyota, Kia, Holden and some car dealer for an inquiry. I almost bite to get the Toyota Yaris as they have special offer which is very affordable for weekly payment but if you total the amount of car was so expensive. So I said, I'll think about it.

Today I also done a visit to Hyundai, I've inquired Getz model and regarding financing loan interest per annum, the term of loan and deposit, they have low interest compare to most dealer I've inquired. Now I have knowledge of how much I’m going to spend in buying a car. Hopefully not later than October I can get a new or demo or even a low kilometre mileage run of the car.  I don’t also want to be an impulse buyer and later on I will just regret or I won't be happy of what I got.  For now what I do is searching online on some new updates on carsguide.com website just in case there are some nice offer car for sale.


J.Richmore said...

Good luck and hope you could buy one soon.
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Timmy.Norris said...

Car hunting can be a very hard but when you find the right one it becomes all worth it.
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