Friday, February 4, 2011

The Good Week

It has been a good week for me, don’t feel much stress and a hassle free. I had met my friend the other day who used to be my neighbor who is now temporarily living at Canberra, she’ll spend a two weeks vacation in Adelaide and good time to catch up with her and her little girl. We had a lunch out and a bit of shopping.
It feels like a perfect week as well to finish my night shift work on time, a bit slow during the night and I'm to lucky finish all the things that needs to be done on time, so happy I hope it’s like that always.

And hey! a good rest and relaxing weekend as I don’t have work, I can catch up all the cleaning maybe if I won’t get lazy (lol)  or another meeting with a friend would be great again. Now what a lovely night half an hour ago I got home , a sweet act of my hubby he just made me a ham sandwich free delivery on bed while blogging because I told him I was tired. lol

Hope everyone will have a wonderful weekend.


Evelyn said...

Fabulous. Hope you have a nice week ahead.

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