Sunday, January 30, 2011


I feel like I’m very motivated to write blogs these days, it’s not totally because I accepted the task being paid but it’s like I have so much to share. I’ve been through a lot of bad times last year and the coming of the New Year for me feels like it seems to be a good one, everything changes a lot. I have received blessing abundantly which I’m not expecting, I’m so blessed and thankful for all the good things that is happening. I told to myself I will religiously go to church every weekend as what I traditionally did before but it stops for no reason and I blame myself for that. So now, if possible I will really devote and I won’t escape an hour every Sunday to go to church. Now it's been how many sundays I kept attending and hope its continuous habit for me to do so. It also feels good that my hubby sometimes come together with me, by force to give me a drive if its on city

I just remember the praise and worship song we use play in my our house in Phils. every morning, God will make away title by Don Moen. It's very refreshing and enlightening the heart as you listen the words and meaning.


Kim, USA said...

This is one of my favorite too, from Don Moen. When I came here in the US it's just too easy to be slacky and don't go to church every Sunday. But I found out that my weekdays is not smooth, I feel grumpy, I feel heavy. And I realize I haven't been to church. Since then I change I won't let one Sunday pass by with out going to church. Thankfully hubby goes with me or else I will preach him about what Jesus had told us. He said "can you not spare one hour for me?"
Nice entry dear. Happy weekdays!

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