Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dreams Are my Reality

It’s past midnight now but I’m still wide awake, I was trying to fall asleep earlier but my mind is awake, so I grab my laptop and open from my lap then it pinches the skin of my legs “ouch that hurts” which makes me more awake It happened 3 times already and it bruises. So how can I go back to sleep now? Maybe soon or a little late, it’s called insomnia. It could be because there are some things that are bothering my mind, I become restless and hard for me to fall asleep.

Sometimes I like to dream, to imagine things I want to happen today, the next day or in the future. It makes my mind occupied and busy like what I am now, that why I can’t sleep.

Now, while writing what’s on my thoughts I think I’m going to change the blog title of my blog site. For now, whatever dreams, thoughts or things I imagine about everything in my life from the needs and wants, my future plans, the luxury I want in my life, shopping to the max of all the trend and fashion in the market, to understand and fullfill the to do list of all the gadgets, new technology and electronics my hubby wants to buy, a tour around around the world someday (lol) I wish...I can write and post in here hoping one day they all become a reality.

For my Dreams are My Reality.


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