Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Men's gift Idea

Christmas is over but new year is now couple days after.  What gifts you’ve got on Christmas? I bet you’d received a few, it’s feels good to receive but what's the best feeling is to give.  I don’t get much and I’m fine (huhu)well it’s just right because I don’t have many family around here, as long as I’m loved by my hubby and had lovely in-laws that is an important and the best gift to me. 

As I was so busy at my two jobs I'm still lucky to rush on the last hour to find some gifts, but haven’t found one for my hubby before Christmas. I sometimes don’t know what to give to him (lol), he knows even there is no occasion I always surprise him with something when I was out shopping.  So it’s not really a big deal, I was late to think of the mens office gifts idea which is suppose a good one because it’s something I can get as personalised gift for him. Oh well it might be in the New Year, I was planning to replace the beer mug which I bought him before but unfortunately was broken the other day because it fell on the floor.  These beer mugs in the photo is really the same as what he has, he don’t use it for beer but for his iced coffee milk drinking. I might order online for him, might not able to reach till new year though. he'll be fine.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sentimental Value

The other week I’ve remember a thing which my mother-in-law gave to us. It’s an antique silver coins, some were octagon and round shape, I forgot were I've  kept it. The other night I was searching for it but I can’t find  quickly, until I browse every stuff I’m  not using for so long on the spare bedroom and was lucky I’ve found it there.

Do you know why I’m looking for it? Is it because there is an online shop I’ve found that buy and sell silver rounds and other antique coins. I was curious if the silver coins my MIL gave to us have value. I can make money from it (lol) of course even it has value I won’t sell it. I’ll keep it forever because it has a sentimental value to me and my hubby especially it’s also came from her parents collections.

So now, I keep and hide it on a safe place were I can easily find it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Can-Am Spider Motorcycle

Another road shot of Can-Am spider motorcycle for Ruby Tuesday and Our World Tuesday entry.

Friday, November 25, 2011


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Children Toys

I can imagine how busy are most of the shops now that Christmas is coming. I bet everyone are already have an idea or still thinking of what gifts to give to their love ones. I would guess that parents are going to buy toys for their kids, as we knew how kids love to have more toys to play with. So for those who wants a great bargain you can visit Toy R Us shop that is nearest to you or online is the best way to shop too, they're giving massive discount and toy r us coupons for you to have more savings on your shopping. 

Don't miss the chance to visit there...more sale sale sale, hurry before it will end.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Red Lightings Decor

The red lighting decor from Dublin Hotel in their restaurant and bar section at Moseley Square, Glenelg.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Factory Building

The photo was taken from the car park of Melrose Park shopping center during our visit in furniture and bedding shop. The background looks like a factory building across the road.

It's really fun and enjoyable having to capture some nice photos of the sky from the car park, aside from beaches or country side that's one of the great spot to view the whole beauty of the sky. It's been how many times I've noticed theses days I've got my sky photos from different car parks, hmm it means I went shopping often, not very good. It's my retail therapy only hehe

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Impulse Buying

These days my mind is busy thinking of many things, if I like to make things happen I really do it,  if it's just possible and affordable to our pocket. A couple of weeks ago I was busy with home improvements, decorating the house with floral arrangement, additional Christmas decor, displaying decorative candles, changing table cloth, old curtains to new ones that feels refreshing to the eyes and bright and light color for summer. 

The last week I like gardening, I have succulent plants that is growing so healthy and wider so I cut some of them to plant in a new pot. Hubby and I went to Bunnings to buy some pots, also we browse on garden signs and address plaques section, the signs were cute. I also found an indoor plants called Peace Lily so I bought two of them to decorate inside the house corner. Sometimes I can't control myself if I like something especially for the house.

I've spent some money this past months I think even it's not on the budget but still I'm happy with the outcome of the improvement in the house and the garden looks cheerful and happy. At least I'm not shopping much for myself now, it's all for the household. I was thinking maybe that's what my mind will think next, to shop for myself.hehe 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Entertainment Lounge

This photo was taken from a furniture and bedding shop when we are doing the canvas of entertainment lounge.  There are some inexpensive one that looks good only but the quality doesn't seem to be promising for a long duration.  My hubby really likes the recliners type of lounge that has a bottle holder and snack storage, it's really good quality, comfortable, relaxing  and very handy especially if we're watching movie at home. He likes it so much that he somehow wants to stay there and had a short nap. I told him to follow me to browse around on other stuff, but he won't stand up. I told him ok, pretend  your sleeping there and I'll take you photos hahaha. He is obedient always and he knows what I will do with the photo.

While browsing around I found some interesting furniture, like also lounges, tables with arrangements and others. On the other hand it's my hubby's turn to play with me when we were browsing around kids section. We saw this cute outdoor table and chairs with umbrella rack and told me it's cute, and want me to sit so he'll be the one to take photo of me, I suppose going to refuse but I thought infairness to him I just sit in the kids outdoor table. hehe I think we had fun browsing around and admiring the home decor designs.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Skin care

Due to my facial issues and concern sometimes I don't know what's the best solution for it. I've followed the doctor's advice of what cleanser and moisturizer to use daily but it's still the same. I was not able to go to dermatologist yet until now because I thought it will do well when I start using doctor's recommended skincare. If I'm going to specialist I bet they will be a big help to me, only I need to prepare for the charges and maintenance of the products they will recommend. I've been researching for some products of dermatogist before and it seem they cost a bit compare to the commercial skin care products in most shops  I was now tempted to use pure fiji products, I've heard they're affordable and have positive response on skin care problem to the people.

I was just hoping that it wont' irritate often and won't  give me annoyance every now and then.

Round Glass Chairs

This photo was taken from Mazda showroom, one of the entertainment area for clients waiting for service.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Granite Island, Victor Harbor

These photo was taken at Granite Island is one of the most popular attractions at Victor harbor especially the penguin tour during dusk at night guided by a professional trained person to view the penguins after they come ashore after a days fishing.  Hubby and I had a penguin tour a couple of years ago at night together with a few tourist, sometimes it depends on the season also. That night we are lucky to see some penguins but hardly to spot them clearly because they're hiding on their burrow. It was a great experience we've been joining in a group of people being guided by the tour who shared all the scientific knowledge about penguin. Their natural habitats, interpretation of behaviors and adaptation of being a charismatic creatures.

At the end of the bridge you can first see the granite island sign

My hubby's photo on the big rocks located at the end right side of the bridge where you can see on the 3rd photo
A long bridge going to granite island, sometimes people ride on a horse tram to get through the island as it's a bit of long walk to reach the end side of the island where the penguin tour begins at night, I've posted this photo long time ago but this might help describe the place going to the Island.

The Horse Tram

The Giant Horse used to pull the tram

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gift Giving

It’s more than a month from now on and Christmas is approaching. What do you expect if it’s Christmas time? I think the majority are expecting of exchange gift with their family and friends, I assume that would be the first thing in the mind of everyone. Thinking about gifts, sometimes I can observe that couples are having hard time to find what to give to their partners, like I do sometimes. 

Well to the guys, if you’re looking for a gift for your partner that’s not a problem. While having a lovely conversation with her, ask what she likes but don’t be too obvious only or ask your girlfriend friends to have an idea of something to give, they might know it. Also the best way to buy is visit online shop you can see many selection of gifts featured for girls thing only.  I'm sure you can find the unusual girlfriend gift ideas there,  it would be very helpful and you can really select the lovely and unique gift for her, sometime you'll be very lucky too, to get a huge bargain discount compare to others.

Anyway, Christmas is not all about gift giving, it's about sharing and giving love to one another that would be the essence of real Christmas, it should be always in our heart.  The exchange gift is just a spice and commercialize on the season. But of course, it's really nice to receive a gift though. haha

Have you start buying Christmas gift? I haven't yet....

Thursday, November 3, 2011

St. Andrew's by the Sea

This photo was a Uniting Church of St. Andrew's by the Sea located at Jetty Road, Glenelg Beach. By posting this photos I just realize I was on the wrong side of the street. We did park just after the church building going towards Moseley Square to the beach, I never thought of going backwards while taking photos, my bad. It's how many times I've been to Glenelg but haven't thought of this church. I maybe side track always of other things that surrounds the area, especially dogs and recreational activities that always present.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wooden Sticks Model House

I hope I don't over bored you with the series of photos I've got from Handorf Village, I wish it would be the last and I won't find any interesting photos on my album next time.  These photos were taken from the exhibit room of German Museum but I think they display some different Australian history of Arts and Crafts as well.

When we are inside I was busy taking photos so I forgot to read the history or how some of these made from except for the first photo of the wooden sticks model house.

Looks like aboriginal design plates and etc.

Colorful frogs

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Well Motivated

I feel like I'm well motivated and inspired these days, especially to update my blogs.  It's  been a couple of months since I was not very active nor participating in daily photo memes. Of course there are some reason  for all of that, I become busy with my two jobs, I came home tired and sometimes my brain won't work and lazy to think on posting beside having 3 blogsite is very hard to maintain hehe and lastly I was on a month holiday around May-June. 

I've missed those days before I'd loved to post everyday, go out for photo taking feeling like I'm a professional photographer like most blogger here but I knew I'm not, hehe It's just a great feeling and inspiring hobby to blog as well as photo taking. I have grown to love nature and admire simple things around us. I remember sometimes I'm waiting the time when Mr. Linky is up sothat I'll be the first to submit my entry, it makes me laugh that sometimes it's almost midnight or I put an alarm to wake up lol, then my hubby will suddenly wake up and ask what I'm doing haha. That was my funny side,  I was lucky  to be the first sometimes, I feel happy at least it's a big effort of me. hehe

Now, I feel to keep doing this motivation behavior, I  hope I can continue updating, don't spend much time on facebook but instead in blogging to write about everything I've experienced in my life and share what's going on in the society, be active to participate on photo memes and be able to visit most bloggers around the world.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Animal Made Products

The sheep and fox statue in front of leather, animal skin and woolen shop.  We are grateful for these animals who contribute much in our lives for providing us some of our clothing, carpets, bedding, belt, jackets and other stuff that can be used for our comforts.

Do you have any thing at home that was made from animal roducts? Hmmm I was thinking what we have, only the woolen underlay mattress I can think at the moment. Oh I now remember! I have ugg boots and leather jacket. How about yours?

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tram Bridge

This photo was taken from the car when hubby and I had our weekend drive somewhere along South Road near to Anzac Highway. It was a tram bridge built not long ago only.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Over the fence

Last Sunday, a block away from our house there is a community village for retirees that has beautiful garden and flowers.. I told my hubby to pull over for a minute coz I like to take photos of the flower.  I was also hesitant maybe the neighbor will come out and ask what am I doing, but for myself there is nothing wrong admiring and taking photos of the flowers.  Suddenly the underwater sprinkler was turned on, I thought someone saw me from the inside but no one go out, I'm getting nervous though. When I return to the car I told my hubby about the sprinkler, he said it maybe just a coincidence that they have timer on it and I'm just there on time while it turns on when we'd stopped by.

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Monday, October 24, 2011


I took this photo when we are at the shop car park. It's a coincidence we park beside this car when my hubby had noticed the unique mags on the Tyre. Seeing the color of the mags, hmmm a nice photo meme entry ...hehe 

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