Friday, August 27, 2010

Semaphore Beach Jetty Bridge and Playground

A sunset photo taken from Semaphore beach last Saturday

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

He's happy to be given a quick shot.

Yesterday's photo when we go to Semaphore beach to have dinner on one of the pub.  While waiting for the order I told my hubby and his friend I'm going to take some photos on the beach very quickly and I'll be backed soon as I can see the sunset is almost there.  I didn't take much photos, while walking towards the jetty there are some people walking with their dogs, one dog tries to keep looking at me while the owner is dragging him but still looking back to me I was thinking maybe he saw my camera and he wants a quick snap.  What I did is walk back a little bit to them and give him a shot while the owner command the dog to smile for photo taking. He is gorgeous on his thick white furr....That's my only shot and I proceed to the jetty bridge.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday 9..Welcome Back

1. Where were you the last time that someone welcomed you back?
In the Philippines having a holiday with my hubby.

2. Tell us who is you favorite non-family member to hang out with?
My friend Donna.

3. What was the last thing that happened to anger you?
I was told a lie by hmmm..

4. What was the last thing that you saw that was shocking to see?

5. What is your favorite thing to do on Saturday besides Saturday 9?
Rest after my work or have a nap to store energy for weekend chores.

6. Have you had your summer vacation yet? If yes tell us about it.
Fantastic last 2 months ago in Philippines.

7. Pick out one of your cousins and tell us about them.
Dulce Amor, very cool, caring thoughtful, funny and likes cooking for us

8. Do you have any special plans for next week?
Maybe go to Royal Show on Adelaide Showground

9. At what age will you consider yourself old and why?
 I don't want to talk about old age, I'm young at heart

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Second time watching sunset on Glenelg Beach

I'll continue my entry this week of Beach House at Glenelg Beach.  Now here are the series of photos before and while the sunset is going.  I'm posting a few photos because I can't ignore some, most of them are just beautiful photos and I want to share it to all of you so please take a moment of time to watch my Skywatch Friday entry for today.

 View of the people in front of the jetty
 Onthe left side view of the sky sun starts to show up

 And it start showing
 People walking on the beach with a mother pushing  a pram on the sandy beach
I saw an airplane coming and passing the sun

I saw a flock of birds flying around while I'm following to take photo of the airplane

 Following the airplane landing off on Adelaide Airport

 Sky view on the jetty


This where I'm while taking photos on a wooden steps if you want to walk on sand. I'm moving backward coz hubby is calling me wanting to go home

 My hubby patiently waiting behind the Beach House building, he thought were straight going home but we pass again on beach house entrance then I suddenly get inside and he followed me too.

Hope you all enjoy skywatching here.
Thank you.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dragon Guards

ABC Wednesday D- DRAGON the photos I took from Taoist Temple, Cebu City Philippines last June 3, tour. Two dragons face to face on the roof top of the temple.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Beach House

Last Saturday at Glenelg Beach after having the fish and chips meal we are going to the beach front to witness the sunset, instead of going straight to the beach which is just few steps away, I told my hubby let's pass on this walkway to have a look of some shops and maybe we can browse what's on the beach house as I haven't been inside it's recreational activities for kids and adults if they like.  We just had a quick look outside the window and went to the beach to watch the sunset after that we came back to the beach house and get inside, my hubby doesn't want to get in coz it's only for kids, I just told him I am kids, we are kids lol.  So we get inside then.

Both sides are the shops and restaurants, the chairs with umbrella rack is the side entrance of the Beach House if you turn left it's the way to the beach.

One of the Art gallery shop it's close already I just had a quick shot of Luigi sitting in the window glass..where is Mario? his brother? I can't see

After watching sunset we get inside the beach house it's almost going to close I just wander a little bit and take a shot of Dance revolution machine stands in the middle. There are still many to look at but we have no time already.

I really love the dining chairs they come in different colors very colorful, red, white, pink, green and of course the important is the color  for the meme entry was the one I gave a shot.


We go out on the main entrance, infront there was a volkswagen service car parked in the front

The Main Entrance

Hope you enjoy watching!!!

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

She was a Skater Girl

I have half day work during saturday usually when I got home I just rest or do some chores for the weekend.  My hubby ask permission that he is going to a 7 days shop to buy milk suddenly I told him to wait for me and I'll have a quick shower to go with him and maybe we can drive or watch sunset.  I suggest to drive on Glenelg Beach sothat we can grab some of our favorite fish and chips there that we don't have for a while.  While waiting for the take away food, in front of the store was the Mosley plaza on Gleneg Jetty were most people hang around always I just took the photo of the young girl who is enjoying her roller skating in the plaza with the lovely view of the palm trees and ocean ahead. Usually if it's not cold weather these place were packed of crowds.

Watch out for my coming series of sunset photos for the next week.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rocky Wall on Train Railway

It was July 27, 2010 around 5pm when I go to video shop to rent a movie but accidentally I've left my keys locked inside the car I've rang a road service  to come and unlock the car, after that I just went home not minding to rent a movie.  The side road on that area is only one way passing on a rocky wall train railway to feel a little better I stop over giving a quick snap of the sky on the railway stairs view.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Remote control toy boat

This photo was last Sunday afternoon before we went to Port Adelaide.  We passed on this man-made lake along Glenelg Highway seeing a lake which has a group of people doing exhibition or competition of their remote control toy boat. We almost passed the roundabout to exit the lake when I told my hubby if I can have a little bit of look and take photos of how they let their boat runs. I can see some motorist also stop over just to watch the exhibition.  Looks fun looking the boat sway and go because the wind is blowing them in other direction.  The owner of the boat also adjust themselves which way to go and how to control the boat not to sink in water.

I think this is the start of the exhibition were all are still together in formation but as it keeps going everyone has their own way but suppose to be they should be together which ever way they go, but due to the wind that's why others can't keep up.

A tiny boat reflection I can see in the water

This boats catch my attention because they are always in line together nice choreograph of the owners, the other was left on other side of lake. Look at the owners keep on following where the boats row, it could be on left and right side of the lake, they're having fun really most of them looks retired people.

I had my fun and almost going to drive off and start our way to Port Adelaide when I heard the plane coming of course look up where it is and had a quick snap. It's Qantas Airlines.

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