Sunday, November 7, 2010

A friend's tale

One night my hubby’s friend was here again at home killing his night time with us. It was a lovely night not so cold so we stay in the backyard talking. He likes to talk about anything especially on electronics, his big lens camera and cars which my hubby likes to talk about as well. I just listen to them and join the conversation if I had something to share if not just giggle along. He is a nice man, sometimes if there is something wrong with my car I ask him to check and drive test. He told me it needs repair which I know before it really needs, the most important is the lights indicator and brake job as sometimes there is loss connection even the hand brake is off the warning light shows on, very weird that’s my old car sickness but good thing still running. I don't need fixing as it will gives trouble again and again maybe that you keep repairing, what I need is a replacement but no dates yet. He is handy sometimes just a thank you for fixing some stuff is enough for him; I just made him dinner together with us.

Half year ago, he bought an old sports type car online from interstate which is not running its cheap though, he spent some bucks on shipment only. When he picked on car depot and put on a trailer, he first passed by at home and show to us. He is good on mechanical repair in experience fiddling his car and other stuff, (he can be a qualify worker of Dallas auto repair) as he said he can repair it himself but needs to provide some spare parts and takes a longer time of fixing, so I told him start fixing and hurry up sothat we can ride on your turbo engine sports car. It will make him busy for a while that maybe he can't visit often with us. He can sell if he wants to make money when it was fixed, it would be a good idea for unemployed pensioner. He once mentioned about his parents Chevrolet Silverado how he loves to ride when he was teenager. Funny when he remembered a night stealing the car and drive along the freeway on a high speed, he really had fun it run smoothly and just a perfect drive on the road but when he got home was told off by his dad, it made hubby and I laugh with his story telling.


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