Sunday, November 14, 2010


Here are some of the series of photos from Murray Bridge on Sturt Reserve park along the river.  My photo here is about Bunyip a scary mythological creatures that hubby told me as we are driving and looking for the riverbank. He said, it's popular myth around Australia that most people were eager to see when they visit Murray especially the kids, he keep spotting around as he drive if he can see, also just to amuse me how it looks like.  As we found the Riverbank on sturt reserve, we saw a cave on the riverside, he stop and look out if it's the bunyip, he was excited and giggling as well scaring me and pushing me to walk closer to the cave to watch. He can be teaser sometimes if he know I'm scare, he will really scares  We went closer to the cave, it was empty inside "I told my hubby" but the trick is you need to drop a dollar coin as token, then the bunyip will come out twice in the water with a scary background sound waah.  I try to take photo 3 meters away lol, then hubby told me to come closer and put the cam in the hole of wiring fence, I told him no way because even it's not real I'm still scare hahhaa.  So he did it himself taking photos closer the second time the bunyip was out of the water. 

I read on wikipedia where the origin of bunyip, if you don't mind reading, it's after all the photos below. Don't be scare like me, it's only a myth. 

The house of Bunyip

The photo I took away from bunyip

My hubby took the series of this photos. Bunyip looks like this.

When we just came to watch Bunyip, a mother and son came along to watch as well, the little boy was so excited to watch. They save a dollar coin, he was amaze with bunyip, he is not scare like As we get inside the car, feels like he wants to watch again and again, it's their turn to drop a

The bunyip or kianpraty is a large mythical creature from Aboriginal mythology, said to lurk in swamps, billabongs, creeks, riverbeds, and waterholes. The origin of the word bunyip has been traced to the Wemba-Wemba or Wergaia language of Aboriginal people of South-Eastern Australia. However, the bunyip appears to have formed part of traditional Aboriginal beliefs and stories throughout Australia, although its name varied according to tribal nomenclature.

Descriptions of bunyips vary widely. George French Angus may have collected a description of a bunyip in his account of a "water spirit" from the Moorundi people of the Murray River before 1847, stating it is "much dreaded by them… It inhabits the Murray; but…they have some difficulty describing it. Its most usual form…is said to be that of an enormous starfish"[10] Robert Brough Smyth’s Aborigines of Victoria of 1878 devoted ten pages to the bunyip, but concluded "in truth little is known among the blacks respecting its form, covering or habits; they appear to have been in such dread of it as to have been unable to take note of its characteristics."[11] However, common features in many 19th century newspaper accounts include a dog-like face, dark fur, a horse-like tail, flippers, and walrus-like tusks or horns or a duck like bill.

The "Challicum bunyip", an outline image of a bunyip carved by Aborigines into the bank of Fiery Creek, near Ararat, Victoria, was first recorded by The Australasian newspaper in 1851. According to the report, the bunyip had been speared after killing an Aboriginal man. Antiquarian Reynell Johns claimed that until the mid-1850s, Aboriginal people made a "habit of visiting the place annually and retracing the outlines of the figure [of the bunyip] which is about 11 paces long and 4 paces in extreme breadth.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

At Murray Bridge and the River

Last weekend was my day off, I suggest to my hubby where we can go on that Sunday. I've said to him if we can go somewhere not on the beach this time, it's not that I don't like beach but because we can go there anytime aside it's just accessible for us just 10-20 miuntes drive only if we chooses where beaches to go. Without telling to me, he just drive heading to the hill side, I was thinking we're going to Mt. lofty as I mention to him if there is a chance we can go there again to take some photos as I can't find some of the photos during my vacation here last 2006 and Mt. Lofty was one of  them, a popular spot in Adelaide which attracts tourist.

I'm clueless on our destination but soon I seem to know where we going reading the road signs direction . We are driving in Princess highway, a long road with 100-120km per hour speed limit going to Mt. Barker or either Murray bridge but soon he end up telling me that we are going to Murray was still part of Adelaide but a country drive. It's my first time to visit there and I love it a nice road trip even takes about 50-60 minutes drive on that speed. It's a lovely sunny day when we left at home but as we drive halfway to Murray Bridge it's raining heavily, looks like its not a good timing going there but we don't think of going back even the weather is not so good. My hubby  haven't been there for so many years that he forgot some of the attractions especially the Riverbank that bcome the tourist and summer attraction of the people.  We almost lost and went somewhere that has a river view we thought it's a Riverbank but a caravan camping reserve called Avoca Dell reserve, very quite and peaceful place, very nice to unwind, picnic and have a romantic moment on the river side park. It's very cold outside with a spitting rain, I went out of the car with hubby but quickly return back in the car after a shortwhile wandering the place as I can't bear the cold. Hubby stays outside while taking photos of the river and the private house boat cruising in the river, even had a little chat with the boat owner

After hubby had his fun taking photos, we went somewhere looking for direction of the Riverbank.  Finally we found just under the Murray Bridge that we have passed along the way earlier, it's a place where you can book for a river cruise and look for some attractions. There we took a few photos of the bridge, an old train, the myth of bunyip and other sceneries which you can see on my next entries.

We still made our day fantastic depsite of the unpredictable weather that day. Now, here are some series of photos while we are there. Again some will be posted on the next entry hope you'll always be there to follow  and visit my blog. Thanks

On the way we passed a tunnel called Eagle on the Hill probably a 500 meters long

The view of the bridge taken inside the car

From riverbank view of the bridge used for cars only

This bridge is for train only 
That's me standing on a dead tree beside the river on Avoca Dell Reserve park side of the river

One of the private house boat on river sid sometimes group of people hire, like a corporate function, party to dirn and drunk inside or cruise along the long river of Murray, if you can see further behind the boat there is another boat cruising.

I can see boat is coming ...

It's getting closer and closer now....

The oncoming boat just finish cruising, I was surprised to see the mother and daughter tugged the boat with themselves, hmmm would be nice to dream and own a private house boat like that. Dream dream dreammmmm.
If you can see the lady wearing a red top tugging the boat

A friend's tale

One night my hubby’s friend was here again at home killing his night time with us. It was a lovely night not so cold so we stay in the backyard talking. He likes to talk about anything especially on electronics, his big lens camera and cars which my hubby likes to talk about as well. I just listen to them and join the conversation if I had something to share if not just giggle along. He is a nice man, sometimes if there is something wrong with my car I ask him to check and drive test. He told me it needs repair which I know before it really needs, the most important is the lights indicator and brake job as sometimes there is loss connection even the hand brake is off the warning light shows on, very weird that’s my old car sickness but good thing still running. I don't need fixing as it will gives trouble again and again maybe that you keep repairing, what I need is a replacement but no dates yet. He is handy sometimes just a thank you for fixing some stuff is enough for him; I just made him dinner together with us.

Half year ago, he bought an old sports type car online from interstate which is not running its cheap though, he spent some bucks on shipment only. When he picked on car depot and put on a trailer, he first passed by at home and show to us. He is good on mechanical repair in experience fiddling his car and other stuff, (he can be a qualify worker of Dallas auto repair) as he said he can repair it himself but needs to provide some spare parts and takes a longer time of fixing, so I told him start fixing and hurry up sothat we can ride on your turbo engine sports car. It will make him busy for a while that maybe he can't visit often with us. He can sell if he wants to make money when it was fixed, it would be a good idea for unemployed pensioner. He once mentioned about his parents Chevrolet Silverado how he loves to ride when he was teenager. Funny when he remembered a night stealing the car and drive along the freeway on a high speed, he really had fun it run smoothly and just a perfect drive on the road but when he got home was told off by his dad, it made hubby and I laugh with his story telling.
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