Monday, October 11, 2010

Skillfull Disabled Person

Last week, working as a check-out operator which is my second job on a leading supermarket I've seen different kinds of people everyday from all kinds of ages and nationality, normal, disable and all sorts.  One customer I saw on the other check-out of my other team member has no arms just an artificial plastic thing attached to his arm that can carry a bag or pick up something. While I'm busy serving my customer my other eye was also busy looking to the disable person picking up a full items of grocery on two basket on the floor. Guess what how he picked-up the items in the basket? By his foot, it's amazing how he utilize his feet to make up for having no hands to grip and grab a tin can, a 2 liters drink, vegetable and other item using his one foot lifting up to put on cashier table.  I was distracted that I become slow on my service to the customer that I'm serving, I was only very curious on his ability despite of his disability on both arms, my first time to see a disable person doing that it's fantastic.  There is a lady behind him on the queu who is just looking at him having difficulty picking all the items in the basket. I was talking to myself and thinking that the lady is not kind enough to give him a hand. But he did very well, he made it to the end and finish all his shopping by his own way.

When I got home after work, I told the story to my hubby about what happened and what I saw in the supermarket.  He said sometimes disable person don't like someone to help them, they take it sometimes on negative way if someone wants to help.  They think they are useless and can't do anything at all or a burden in the society because they are disable, so what I saw to the lady behind him not helping the man is not because she is not kind but because of the behavior of disable person that they can do and they don't need help. Some are gifted with talent and some were trained how to use other part of the body as an alternative way to function normally. The man in the supermarket is just one of the well-trained person so we must understand and be proud of them. They are gifted human being created by God with unique talents and skills that sometimes a normal person don't have.


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