Sunday, October 24, 2010

Scrap & Metal Recycling Depot

Last night we arrived home late from a movie with PIL and of course go to bed very late.  I was awake around 9:00am day and open my computer to update my blog and facebook browsing that I don't have much time to do sometimes.  I was in bed while hubby is still sleeping and snoring what a nice background music for me very constant and repeatable sounds.(lol)

While blogging I was thinking what acitivity we can do for today, we can't go somewhere else far because I still have 2:30pm work.  I was thinking when he's wake up I'll tell him we will go to scrap depot to sell all the bottles and milk cartoons I had collected for a few months. It wasl already building up on the garage now I've collected almost 7 big garbage bin bag, I don't know if it will fit in the car maybe two trips if it won't fit.  Last May we've sold around 50 oz dollar for the recyclable bottles for 10cents each.  I don't know today I hope it's more than that, we can treat ourselves on a big lunch. 

I better wake up my hubby now I know the scrap depot close after lunch and it will build up again if we won't sell today.  Yeheyy hubby is just awake it's good he cooperate hehe sometimes when I wake him up it takes a while for him to widely awake or else we don't have bonding time again even for a short hours only. It's been a while we don't have our Sunday quality time because of my weekend shift on the second job I've got, but good we still try to catch some hours to have our quality time. I't would be great as next weekend I don't have shift.


LV said...

You sound like my neighbor, she saves cans. She sometimes has many big trash bags full. She is not getting rich, but a few extra dollars help. Sounds like you have a good thing going with your scrap yards.

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