Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Back to Shopping

Since I came back on holiday from Philippines last June, I never thought of going out for a shopping of anything for myself here in Adelaide. I just went to shopping center only to browse and just eat on a restaurant. It's because I already done all my shopping while we are on holiday and I don’t need some yet. But last Sunday when my hubby and I accompany his mum to buy something on department store I’ve spotted a nice bolero jacket I was almost tempted to buy but I suddenly thought and remember that was the same jacket I saw online which is cheaper than what’s in the store. My MIL got what she wanted to buy shoes and some tops after that we thought of having lunch. On the way to the food court we passed by on different shop, one is a the jewelry shop that is on special sale for the week we had a quick look inside, I can see the glittering of the 3 carat diamond ring on the window display. I’ was thinking of saving money for that at least one day I can wear one it’s one of my to do list or hope one day my hubby can give that shiny and valuable gift for me. Very attractive jewelry sometimes it’s my weakness that’s why when I pass on that kind of shop I don’t really look. It’s funny, I know that most of the woman weakness too, especially looking on my MIL finger that has different kind of diamond rings I’m hesitate to ask how many carat she wear, hope she will put that on her will one day, hahaha I’m being silly only.

We finished our lunch then we plan to go because hubby will drop me to work and it’s almost the right time to go. We have a lovely day together with MIL even it’s only less than 2 hours.


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