Sunday, August 8, 2010

She was a Skater Girl

I have half day work during saturday usually when I got home I just rest or do some chores for the weekend.  My hubby ask permission that he is going to a 7 days shop to buy milk suddenly I told him to wait for me and I'll have a quick shower to go with him and maybe we can drive or watch sunset.  I suggest to drive on Glenelg Beach sothat we can grab some of our favorite fish and chips there that we don't have for a while.  While waiting for the take away food, in front of the store was the Mosley plaza on Gleneg Jetty were most people hang around always I just took the photo of the young girl who is enjoying her roller skating in the plaza with the lovely view of the palm trees and ocean ahead. Usually if it's not cold weather these place were packed of crowds.

Watch out for my coming series of sunset photos for the next week.

To view more photos of Scenic Sunday please click here


cat said...

What a beautiful place to go rollerblading :)

RNSANE said...

I'd break my neck if I tried skating but just walking at this magnificent setting would be a joy.

RNSANE said...
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Search Engine said...

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