Saturday, July 24, 2010

The attack of the Chooks

Last, last Sunday morning when I've swept the backyard (front backyard) because there is another backyard where the chicken liveslol. I heard the voice of FIL so I come and say hello, he's feeding the chooks, he do it half dozen times everyday and fiddle his vegetable garden too.

In the noon time, I heard a knock on the door so I come out and have a look who is it, I was thinking it's the MIL she's the one who knock the door many times, but it's the friend of my hubby he is our unexepected visitors always hmm.That's the time I saw all the chooks are out in the front backyard scratching on the ground and digging the soil that create a big mess around, I've just sweep them.huhu I think FIL forgot again to close tightly the main gate of the chooks, grrrr another sweeping to do. If not for the friend who visit I really won't notice chooks are outside.

While talking to my FIL chooks already are walking around

It seems they have meeting what they're going to do? They're whispering with each other, guys listen when the old man leave the premises and hopefully left the main gate open we will attack the front They really know FIL will forget to close the gate even sometimes close but the wind opens them it's not hook properly to lock it.

 There's no one in here we can look if there is something yummy to eat.

Come on guys, in here there are many to scratch maybe we can find some worms or dog poo
Billy my In-laws dog always playing in our front backyard whe FIL comes and sometimes left his dirt..waaah

Look what they have done...isn't it nice?lol

When I close the gate they are still there standing maybe planning to go out again. Don' worry chooks I can sweep the backyard everyday as long as you keep on laying more

More photos of camera critters please click.


Linda (PA_shutterbug) said...

I liked the pictures of the chooks and the captions you included.

armyfamilyok said...

That's alot of chooks!! I enjoyed viewing them and it looks like so much to keep up with....maybe even a little fun!!

cat said...

Such naughty chooks, but they are very cute too :)

Lina Gustina said...

hehehe... I really enjoying your chooks photos :)

Thanks for dropping by...

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