Friday, July 30, 2010

Car Park

A car park entrance still on Port Adelaide Fishermen's Wharf Market.

In the front of the flea market door I saw this antique car, a nice but well look after old light blue car sitting on the car park

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bridge of Port Adelaide Center

B is for Bridge and a Boat

This is the main Port Adelaide Center at last we found this place, the bridge was the overpass I was talking to my hubby when we were on Port Adelaide Dock hoping we can access to a side street to have our way to the bridge going to the center but we can't. 

The crane behind the bridge is the Port Adelaide Dock on my previous entry, I don't know why it doesn't have a public access of vehicle from the dock going to the bridge, we need to return to the main road to reach the center and it's double the time to drive compare if we can access on the bridge.

 From the sea wall I just saw this equipment from far away looks like nice view so I don't mind taking photo of it.

  A boat was tagged on the seaside

An anchor of another boat.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Port Adelaide Docks

Another photos from yesterday at Port Adelaide docks before we went to the main beach front where tourist visit.  I've mentioned on my first entry how it takes time while we are looking for the right road to reach on the Port Adelaide center, first we end up on this Port Adelaide docks were heavy equipment on the sea operates like the crane transfering big rocks on the big container ship. 
It's funny how I had a silly conversation with my hubby because I told him we are getting lost, I told you to follow the road sign but you keep on driving , you have a gps but your not using it.  There is an overpass bridge further down there maybe we can access on a side street but we can't because it's no through road, we are trapped now waah. We are behind the Port Adelaide Center where the Flea Market is. My hubby said tome, you can now take photos here it looks beautiful, nice views, we are surrounded by water and we can see those ships. I said how can I capture them if you won't stop the car and park somewhere, he had a laugh at me as I'm getting grumpy, how many time we are on wrong direction who can't I get grumpy! Meee grumpy? Never lol. But then I thank him because if we are not lost we can't have these great photos. I told him, we need to get lost always maybe we can end up to unexpected fantastic place. Sometimes those silly arguments make us more closer and stronger bonding and after we recall the moments we just look and laugh on each other.


 Crane on operation transferring heavy rocks on the container ship to be transported


 My hubby was interested to get inside on this area to see the front view of the ship, I told him I think we can't come in because there is a gate, it means not open for everyone but when we start to go back to find the main center, he really stop in front gate of this private property area and read who are authorized to enter, he is still hoping to get

We saw this passenger ferry cruising and thinking it will dock on the center and I was right, the ferry boat had a 2 hour site seeing and dolphin cruise as I inquire when we are on the center. Hopefully next weekend will come back again and have a cruise to experience the fun and watch dolphin, its' only affordable you can also avail lunch package on board.

An old decomission ship not operating anymore just waiting to be salvaged and turn into scrap.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fishermen's Wharf Market, Port Adelaide

Today we went to Port Adelaide Center for the purpose of going to the beach, a 30-40 minutes drive from home. My hubby forgot which way to go that's why it takes time for us to to find the road  heading on the right direction. We did u-turn 3 times until we reach our destination. We found a car park on Fishermen's Wharf Market which is almost full, I was wandering why plenty of cars, I'm curious what's inside so I told my hubby we will have a quick look what's inside the market as we've seen many people coming in and out, it's our first time to visit and wander on this town so we don't know what's inside.  We get insideand start browsing lots of interesting mix of specialty shops, including antiques, collectables, homewares, jewellery gifts, treasures and sweets to tempt visitors!

Here are the few snaps I took while browsing inside the shop love the colorful things so here they are:

Floral design wind spinner

Soft toys -Safe toys

Yard Art Decoration

Multicultured baby dolls

The Clown

The variety of stores inside the shop

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The attack of the Chooks

Last, last Sunday morning when I've swept the backyard (front backyard) because there is another backyard where the chicken liveslol. I heard the voice of FIL so I come and say hello, he's feeding the chooks, he do it half dozen times everyday and fiddle his vegetable garden too.

In the noon time, I heard a knock on the door so I come out and have a look who is it, I was thinking it's the MIL she's the one who knock the door many times, but it's the friend of my hubby he is our unexepected visitors always hmm.That's the time I saw all the chooks are out in the front backyard scratching on the ground and digging the soil that create a big mess around, I've just sweep them.huhu I think FIL forgot again to close tightly the main gate of the chooks, grrrr another sweeping to do. If not for the friend who visit I really won't notice chooks are outside.

While talking to my FIL chooks already are walking around

It seems they have meeting what they're going to do? They're whispering with each other, guys listen when the old man leave the premises and hopefully left the main gate open we will attack the front They really know FIL will forget to close the gate even sometimes close but the wind opens them it's not hook properly to lock it.

 There's no one in here we can look if there is something yummy to eat.

Come on guys, in here there are many to scratch maybe we can find some worms or dog poo
Billy my In-laws dog always playing in our front backyard whe FIL comes and sometimes left his dirt..waaah

Look what they have done...isn't it nice?lol

When I close the gate they are still there standing maybe planning to go out again. Don' worry chooks I can sweep the backyard everyday as long as you keep on laying more

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sun Bright

June 27, 2010  it was Sunday  when we went out very late in the afternoon  and drive on our favorite relaxing place the Brighton Beach. We don't plan of getting off the car because it's chilly outside, we had Doritos as our snacks so we just sit and eat in the car while watching some people walking, not knowing it's almost sunset in that moment.  My hubby told me, "hey look sunset is there" he told me if I want to get a photo but just told him I can't be bother I'm lazy to go out lol, but hey I can still give a shot in here, so what I did is just sit in the car rolled down the window and keep on capturing as the sun is saying bye bye, we didn't finish though until it's all gone we drive off and go somewhere else, we are impatient that day...

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Waves of Life

This is Brighton Beach again and again,lol it's million times we've been here usually every sunday or summer evening. We just park the car and look around or walk on the jetty to watch people fishing

Hubby standing on the stairs, a year ago during summer and high tide too, my hubby always bring me here even until now to go down on the steps and play with the waves crashing, how far it can reach the steps until we get wet and run going up then go down again waiting for the waves to splash again, but this day I can't be bothered it's chilly to do that. It's nice to be kids No, we are making

In life we experience ups and downs,

If there is laughter, there is tears

Your happy and sometimes your sad

It's like the series of waves,

A high tide and low tide

Can be peaceful and calm

Whatever life's consequence let us be strong

And prepared for the big waves or storm that comes

God Is Good, All the Time

Just look up and He is always There

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A - is for Airport Terminal and Airplane

Last May 22, 2010, Saturday leaving Adelaide International Airport around 8:05am to connect via Sydney going to Manila, Philippines for a 3 weeks holiday with my hubby. This is Qantas airplane to take our flight just waiting for the boarding to get inside and take off.

Airplane landed on Kalibo Aklan, Phils., our Island tour on Boracay beach, we had a trouble with our flight here instead of 10:30am flight when we check-in we were rescheduled for 2pm flight but lucky I had a chat with customer service and she schedule us on a 12:25pm flight, but another problem here, instead we are going to land on the Caticlan airport which is just few minutes to Boracay Island, we landed on Kalibo Aklan due to high tide and strong wind weather and then just ride on a shuttle bus for an hour and half to reach Boracay,we are not so lucky in our flight waaah, but still happy and glad we arrive safely.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Magic Lights

One evening last week even it's bit chilly outside, hubby and I went for a quick drive in the city of along North Terrace drive to have a look the turning on lights of one building, our friend told us it's very nice and interesting changing lights during night time so for curiousity sake we really check if it's there. And it's there, took as a while to wait and capture how it change and the different formation of the lights. So here they are hope you enjoy watching too.

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