Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Powerful speaker

Last 11th of November was my hubby's birthday, before the day come I ask him what gift he wants to receive. He would sometimes say "no" for a gift but this year he was the one who open up. He is excited in saying,  "my birthday is coming soon it means I get a gift for myself". I had a giggle only.  Usually a cartoon of iced coffee milk will makes him happy. Now, he asks to have another speaker to add on our entertainment unit, I then suggest to him to look at muscians friend site if he might like a few choices of affordable and powerful speaker, it's ok to me.
He still making decision about to get or not because he's budget for gift is not much to buy the speaker he wants.  He might save up his daily allowance or wait until Christmas to get it or either he will choose to fix his multi-meter so he can use if he needs them.
My hubby is undecided and sometimes worries about what next to buy in addition to his gadget and toys collection. I sometimes laugh at him because he was always updated to new technologies and upgrades.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Today, it's my first time again to have a short hours morning shift, 6-10am.  After work, I went home with the thought of going back to sleep straight away, but I was side tracked with hanging the clothes from last night laundry, I forgot to hang hehe.  Then, I tidy the house a bit so my mood will feel great.  I ate my lunch after then relax and watch my drama series.  I had some random browsing as well while watching and I had a quick read about everett gaskins hancock llp, it's an interesting law firm business I may say.
After making myself tired again, the window of opportunity to sleep is coming, so I did and to remember I had a nice dream about my deceased dad, but felt sad and tears are falling, I miss him so much.
I woke up hearing the door bells, it's a stranger who will pick up the advertising sales catalogue he dropped the other day to all neighbours in the suburb.  From then I thought of making for the first time one Filipino dessert called Maja Blanca, now chilling in the fridge to be eaten tomorrow. Plus, I had cooked a nice dinner for hubby, a fried breast fillet chicken with mustard and dill marinade with garlic broccoli as the side dish.
Indeed, I had really had a productive and lovely day.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Entertainment Unit

At Home, we had this entertainment unit that hubby set up for a long time. That's one of his passion is to have a powerful sounds.  He likes to play loud music and he prefers that we will watch movie at home using the years old but powerful amp that creates very loud and beautiful sound effects. It's really more than similar than going to a cinema.  Sometimes, if I feel like to watch movie in cinema I just do watch with hubby at home because the visual and sounds effects were just the same plus it's private, romantic atmosphere  and we just feel like we are watching in gold class.  It's cheap and very comfortable entertainment for us, once in a while we don't mind to watch movie in cinema as well.
Speaking of powerful sounds, I've found one online and it seems to be the latest and high quality sound amplifier.  I will tell my hubby about this and I bet he will be more excited to have a look at it, read the information and specification of the unit.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


I never thought it will take 4 days until I become better.  Yes, I was unwell the past few days because of being dizzy, at first I thought it's just nothing or will go away quickly after I took panadol, sleep and wake up feeling better the next day, but it didn't until it becomes repetitive feeling, so I call sick from work because I'm not able to drive and the dizzy feeling is not getting better at all. 
The next day, my husband and I went to the doctor for examination why I'd felt the continuous dizziness for more than a day. I was thinking I'm dehydrated or low blood pressure or not eating on time. As the doctor checked some of the reason why I got dizzy, he told that my right ear was a bit inflamed or there is infection. I'm wondering why I had no clue it was caused by my ear, I didn't feel any aches, ringing or sore in it. I then remember a week ago when I'm cleaning my ear with cotton buds, it must be the reason why.  It's not a very good feeling because it affects the balance and wellness of my body. I can't do much here at home as it's an awful feeling. I was all day in bed just trying to be in one direction because when I move in other or stand up I can feel that my world is spinning. 
Anyway, with the help of ear drops and medicine for dizziness I'm now feeling better and was already backed to work.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It's been 3 months now

The moment the you left us here on earth is still fresh in my mind. It seems only like yesterday had passed whenever I imagine the way you laugh and talk, your jokes and giggles when we had conversation I can feel that you're still alive. Sometimes they misunderstood that your always shouting or angry, but they don't know it's your natural voice and some don't understand it, I really do that's why I don't mind the way you talk and act in front of us.

You are so grateful if someone give you something.  You become fan of my favourite color that's why you are happy when we bought the green motorbike. Now, he is alone, also becoming old and had some problem of course due to wear and tear from day today use, lucky  it was repaired and  replaced with some cheap motorcycle parts to keep running .  When your helper on chicken shop ride on it my mum was frightened, thinking it's you driving home, she was used to the sound of the motorbike everyday, that it's you they're waiting to come home for breakfast and dinner. I think now, it's not being driven often sothat mum won't be reminded that you're already gone.
I hope mum is already coping and well adjusted with the fact of the sudden changes in her daily routine.  I still can't believe your absence but truly you will be always be missed and stay forever in our hearts.  I'm still looking forward to see and hug you if I think of planning a holiday and share some fun times and happy memories together with the whole family.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


I was saddened by the news that he was taken away too soon.  It was unexpected by all of us, he is so precious more than like  gemstone jewelry to all of us. Why too soon papa?  Our papa, who never fail to show his best to give us good life and loved us unconditionally.  The incomparable father I've known, the one who never ever  tried to use his hand to hurt us or flick or pinch or spank or hit us with stick if we his children are naughty and bad. The most loving and kind father as we always describe him, if we talk about him to our friends, we are so lucky to have him us our father.  But now, you're gone and it made me realize how much I've lost.  I still need more time to spend to be with him and let him feel a very comfortable life, I'd promise him and mum to visit Australia after my sister's holiday here. He don't wait for that.
Now, that you are in heaven, I will just accept the fact that you are not physically present with us but always present in our hearts.  I've shed a lot of tears every time I'm thinking of you.  I still can't believe you're gone now and left us too soon.  I miss you so much papa, I may not so expressive and showy how I'd both love you and mama. I'm proud a proud daughter of yours.
Please always guide and protect our lives.  Be our angel in our daily life. I love you papa.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Very Useful

The calling cards or  business cards are always useful to me, I often get one on some shops or other business establishment I had been visited.  I collect those contact information or brochures that are given away in case one day I need to make transactions or have some inquiries.
Like last time, I went to the seafood shop nearest to my place to assume and just feeling lucky if they have the product I'm looking for. I'm not too sure if it is available that day especially it's hard to get them on late afternoon which is the time I went to, because of luck I got what I've wanted, the shop save those scraps and store in the freezer.  The "whiting fish heads" for crabbing baits.
Before I've left the shop, I took a business card in case I needed some whiting heads again in the future, although they're 5 minutes drive only it's still best to call them ahead of time before going there just checking if the product I've wanted is available on hand so then I can place an order.  It's just convenient and I'm avoiding to waste some time.
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